Natural Cafe Sora Yoshimi

Natural Cafe Sora – Indoor / Outdoor child friendly restaurant with play areas. Relatively close to both Yoshimi Kannon and Hatchoko Park, which are best visited in Autumn for the leaves or spring for the cherry blossoms. Natural Cafe Sora The standard of restaurants and cafes is so high inRead More →

Flystation Japan Information Share – #onlyinsaitama Flystation Japan The first ever flystation indoor skydiving center in Japan will open by the end of March 2017 in Koshigaya Saitama. Soon we will have the rare opportunity to experience flying without  jumping out of a plane! The center uses a vertical wind-tunnel for a skydiving simulationRead More →

Trees and Autumn colors reflected in the lake in Oisezuka Park Kawagoe

Parks in Kawagoe – Oisezuka Park on the outskirts of Kawagoe, near Tsurugashima and Sakado Cities. It is relatively close to Kawajiama Town too. It is neither the largest nor the most popular, but it has a few things going for it that bring a regular stream of visitors. Moreover,Read More →