Rose Town Tea Garden

Rose Town Tea Garden, Ome City, Tokyo, Japan. Just over the Saitama Tokyo border lies the suburban city of Ome. When you hear “city” and “Tokyo” you’d be forgiven for imagining a metropolis like Ikebukuro or Ueno, but Ome is so far removed from the typical image of Tokyo thatRead More →

Kawajima swans

Kawajima Swans – October 12th 2021 update. Swan watch is on! The long term weather reports and indeed the colder than normal Autumn to date are forewarning a colder than average winter in the Northern hemisphere. If true, the tundra swans will migrate from Siberia sooner rather than later. ThereRead More →

Fukkuchan and festival stalls at Hanazono Roadside Station Fukaya

Hanazono Roadside Station is close to the Hanazono Interchange of the Kanetsu expressway. It is not on the highway, but a short distance on route 140 from the Hanazono exit / entrance of the highway, in the direction of the Saitama Museum of Rivers. It would seem from google resultsRead More →