Metsa Fireworks

Forest and Lake and Fireworks – the 2021 Metsa Fireworks in Hanno, Saitama, were scheduled for Saturday September 11th and Saturday October 16th. However, unfortunately (but understandably) they were subsequently cancelled due to the Coronavirus. The featured image is from the official Metsa website. All information hereafter for the 2020Read More →

hanamomo no sato ouchizawa higashichichibu earthly paradise

A village of Peach Blossoms “Hanamomo no Sato” nicknamed an earthly paradise. In the Ouchizawa area of Higashichichibu, Saitama Prefecture. An Earthly Paradise The village of peach blossoms Ouchizawa Hanamono no Sato is one of Saitama’s most stunning spring scenes. Rightly nicknamed as “an earthly paradise” the location is remarkablyRead More →