thousands of white annabelle hydrangea at hydrangea festival

2022 information for the Hydrangea Festival at Satte Gongendo Park. Since the dawn of Instagram Satte Gongendo Park has become one of the most famous and popular places to see hydrangea flowers not just in Saitama Prefecture, but in the Greater Tokyo Area. Before the pandemic their hydrangea festival wasRead More →

Cover photo with wind chimes for the 2022 information about the enmusubi wind chimes at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine e

2022 Information for the annual wind chimes and glistening river at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine. The Enmusubi Wind Chimes at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine are generally displayed from around the first weekend of July to the first week in September. They follow the lesser known pinwheel event. I have visited the windRead More →