Saitama Prefecture has three main Yabusame events. Kawagoe Yabusame is the newest and least prestigious. Moroyama Yabusame is the most famous and celebrated. And Tokigawa Yabusame, while lesser known, is historically and culturally rich. It is a designated cultural property of Saitama. However, the Tokigawa Yabusame, unlike the other two,Read More →

Hanyu Loco Farm part of the new Kiyasse Hanyu challenge farm project

Kiyasse Hanyu, also called Hanyu Mitakaya Agriculture and Forestry Park, is located close to the Saitama Aquarium and Hanyu Riverside Park. They describe themselves as a type of “food resort”. They sell local produce in the shop at the resort, but they also offer agricultural experiences in what they call,Read More →