10 cherry blossom spots Kawagoe from insaitama.com

Ten cherry blossom spots in Kawagoe. The list includes “famous” locations as well as off the beaten path cherry blossom spots in Kawagoe. All locations are mapped on a Google My Map at the bottom of the page. There is another very special and completely off the beaten path cherryRead More →

Kawagoe Hanachozu Spring 2023

There are now various different places you can see “hanachozu”, floating flowers or floral water fonts, in Kawagoe City. Until 2021, it was mainly Kawagoe Hachimangu, Saimyouji and Sunny Side Terrace. The latter two started a hanachozu contest in 2021 and for the second photo contest later that year, AyanokaRead More →

A secret sunflower spot in Kawagoe, near to a famous one.

Information for the New branch of Glin Coffee near Kawagoe’s famous sunflowers and with secret sunflowers of their own! At the newly reopened Kawagoe Agriculture Interaction Center promoting “Green Tourism”. In November 2022 the Kawagoe City Agriculture Interaction Center was reopened after more than a year of renovations. The AgricultureRead More →