Keiai Hospital Ladies Clinic Lobby

Keiai Hospital, or as I like to call it Keiai Ladies Hotel, is a maternity and ladies clinic in Fujimi City in Saitama.  They also have a pharmacy, a paediatric clinic and a fertility centre** on the main premises and nearby they  have a dental clinic too.  It is a family run hospital, yetRead More →

Playroom at Keiai Hospital – There is a playroom at my maternity hospital, Keiai Hospital, Saitama. When a mother has a check up she can leave her children to play and be minded for free. While a mother is staying at the hospital after birth, visiting children can use theRead More →

Yanasegawa Cherry Blossoms Shiki Sakura

Yanasegawa Cherry Blossoms – There are three main cherry blossom spots in Shiki: Shingashi River, Yanasegawa River, and Shikishima Shrine. The city hosts cherry blossom festivals too, including the Sakura Festa at Iroha park on Shingashi river near city hall. The sakura typically bloom the end of March to earlyRead More →

Day 0 is the day you give birth. Regardless of what time of the day you give birth, day 0 ends at midnight on that day. On day 0 the presents start before you even give birth. On being admitted to the hospital you get a huge bag full ofRead More →

“Day 4” was the fifth and final day of my postpartum hospital stay for a vaginal birth on baby #4 (as the day you give birth is day zero). On the day you get released the hospital treats you to a hairdo in the hair salon on the 3rd floor. It involvesRead More →

Day 3 of a 5 day stay for a normal natural birth in Japan, the last full day (“birth”day is counted as day 0). The day of the facial and foot massage. Also, the last physical check-up for Mama, before discharge. I took a selection of tastes for breakfast again onRead More →

Maternity hospital stay Japan – Day two brought more delicious food and even more amazing presents. It was also the day I got a professional massage in my room. Breakfast everyday is buffet style. They have a great selection of Western and Japanese breakfast foods. The breads are particularly deliciousRead More →

Some photos of the food and the goodies on day one of a standard five-day stay (birth day is counted as day zero) in a Japanese maternity hotel… I mean hospital! Breakfast, which was brought to my room the morning after I gave birth. Little one #4 was in theRead More →

Maternity class Japan antenatal

Maternity Class Japan – I had my last ever antenatal class at my maternity hospital today.  A bittersweet experience. They call them “Mothers’ class” in Japan.  Today’s was about delivery (of the baby, of course!). Maternity Class Japan The “class” was 2 hours long and divided into 2 parts, with a break between.Read More →

Afternoon Tea at a Maternity Hospital in Saitama 32 weeks, the goal is in sight, and the maternity classes are coming to an end.  I will miss my bi-monthly indulgences!  I went to my 2nd last class this week, “Hospital Stay Briefing Session”. It is the only obligatory class, butRead More →