Shorinji an hydrangea temple in Yorii

I’ve been hydrangea hunting almost daily since early June. This year I went back to several locations I’ve been to before. But this year I also went to five new places (to me) for hydrangea. Including today’s gem, which I had on my “want to go list” for a few years. Thanks to a tweet I saw yesterday by K-san (linked at the bottom of the post), I decided no more putting it on the long finger because its so far away, and set off early this morning for Yorii town. The hydrangea seem to be finishing up in the midlands, but there are still hydrangea to be found in Yorii and Northern Saitama in general. And Western Saitama too, including the stunning Minoyama park where the hydrangea are reportedly in full bloom since yesterday.

Hydrangea Temple in Yorii

Shorinji Yorii

I had planned to go to three different places for hydrangea in Yorii town today, but only ended up going to two as I stayed in the first location so long. This post is about that first location – Shorinji Temple…

Shorinji Temple

Shorinji is an “ajisai dera” aka hydrangea temple, atop a hill in Yorii town. It was established in 1511. Not only is the temple an ajisai dera, but it is also known for its 500 Arhats, stone statues (rakan in Japanese), that weave up and down the mountain paths. Each Arhat has a different facial expression. Moreover, there are also 1000 kojin (diety) stone monuments. There are some hydrangea along the Arhat and kojin paths. But most of the 2700 (give or take) hydrangea are along the entrance road to the temple and around the parking lot. There are also some up on the hill so in spots, as you walk along the hydrangea road, you can see hydrangea both roadside and above on the hill.

Find even more hydrangea in Saitama Prefecture.


Temple: Shorinji Temple, Hydrangea Temple 少林寺、あじさい寺

Season: June for hydrangea

Hours: unknown

Cost: a donation in the prayer box, which was out of reach when I visited, but there was a hole where I could throw the money in!

Address: 2072-1 Sueno, Yorii, Osato District, Saitama 369-1205. View on Google maps.


The temple is about a 25 minute walk from Chichibu Railway’s Hagure station. If you come by car there are two parking lots. One is right up by the temple, the other is at the bottom of the hydrangea road. Both are free. The temple is about a 20 minute drive from the Hanazono Interchange of the Kanetsu expressway.

I couldn’t find an official website. But Yorii town’s tourism website mentions it on their site. The Tweet by K-san that inspired me to change my original plans for today and drive the two hour round trip to Yorii!! Thank you, as always, K-san.

Yorii town has an excellent river museum that’s worth checking out with kids when in the area. In addition, don’t miss this restaurant where you can fish-your-own lunch to barbecue.

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