McDonald’s McCafe and Playland for a cheap play date with friends and kids!

mccafe and playland mcdonald's

Last week the Kawagoe Kinome branch of McDonald’s re-opened as a much better, classier, family friendly branch of McDonald’s. The new branch has a McCafé by Barista and a Playland, McDonald’s hallmark free children’s play area. McDonalds around the country (of Japan) often have either a McCafe or a Playland, but having both on the same premises is a rare treat!


McCafe and playland mcdonalds

The free children’s play area is in an enclosed sound proof family room on the 2nd floor, that has low tables with soft chairs for children as well as regular tables and chairs. There is an elevator to the 2nd floor so you can bring your stroller with you easily. The play area is small, basically climbing and a slide, but for an irregular visit it would provide entertainment for children aged between one and eight years old. They do request that only children in lower grades of elementary school and younger use this play area. The space is free to use if you have purchased food or drink from either the McDonalds or the McCafe.

McDonald's Playland


The McCafe area is on the first floor beside the regular McDonalds. It has a good selection of hot drinks and doughnuts. You can bring your coffee and / or snack upstairs. Their selection is reasonably priced.

Playland area at Kawagoe McDonalds on route 254 McCafé

There are other services of interest in this branch also, such as free wifi and ports for charging devices. I also like that it is completely smoke free, even the car park. There is a smart drive through, as well as parking for about 20 cars. This branch is conveniently located on route 254 close to Kamifukuoka and minutes drive to Minami Furuya Station.

Saitama McCafe and Playland

According to the McDonalds directory for Saitama, this branch on route 254 in Kawagoe is the only one with both a McCafe and a playland. There are plenty of other branches that have either a McCafe or a playland. There are quite a few Playland branches in Saitama including locations such as Ageo, Shiki, Tokorozawa, Kawaguchi, Koshigaya, Kumagaya, Honjo, Iwatsuki, Moroyama, Konosu, Ogawa and quite a few in Saitama City.  More about their playlands here.

For more about Kawagoe, please see the Kawagoe guide.

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