Yoshikawa Cosmos

According to Saitama Newspaper, the million or so cosmos in Yoshikawa City are now in full bloom. Furthermore, the city invite people to pick some for free. The cosmos are located in the Kamiuchikawa area of Yoshikawa, relatively close to the citizen’s farm. Approximately one hectare of farm land is used for the cosmos and local volunteers plant and maintain the beautiful flowers.

Yoshikawa Cosmos

Yoshikawa cosmos
Image from Saitama Shinbun / Newspaper

Approximately 1 million cosmos trees are in full bloom in the fields of Kamuchikawa, Yoshikawa City, Saitama Prefecture. They are located relatively close to Yoshikawa Park, by the embankment of the Edo River. The pink, white, and purple flowers are basking in the autumn sunlight. The local Neighborhood Association and other volunteers take care of the fields, including sowing seeds and weeding. And every year around this time (late October), the approximately one hectare field is in full bloom.

Cosmos Picking

If you bring your own scissors, you can pick them freely. The city want many people to come and see them. Reportedly often people come from neighboring Chiba and even from Tokyo too.

According to the city’s Agricultural Administration Division, the best time to see them is until the end of this month [October]. However, depending on the picking conditions, the number of cosmos may decrease. The department said, “This is the result of the painstaking efforts of local residents in this year’s intense heat.We hope you will come and see it.”

Saitama Newspaper


Event: Cosmos Viewing / Picking

Dates: this week, late October

Time: during daylight hours

Cost: there is no admission fee and no charge for picking the flowers

Venue: Kamiuchikawa Cosmos Fields 上内川のコスモス畑, 1255-1 Kamiuchikawa, Yoshikawa, Saitama 342-0001. (Beside the Okada Auto Body shop). View on Google Maps.


If you are coming by car, please use the citizen farm parking lot, which is about a five minute walk from the cosmos field. View on Google Maps. This area of Yoshikawa is not near a train station. The nearest train stations are all more than an hours walk away! You can get a bus from Yoshikawa Station to Matsubushi High School, but the cosmos are a 30 minute walk from the bus stop.

Brief information on the official Yoshikawa City website.

More Cosmos fields in Saitama Prefecture.

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