Saitama City Anniversary Fireworks 2023

In celebration of twenty years since the inauguration of Saitama City, the city will host a fireworks display this Autumn. さいたま市政令指定都市20周年記念花火大会。

Saitama City Anniversary Fireworks

In celebration of 20 years of Saitama City, you can view a beautiful fireworks display, by the Arakawa this October. Due to location of the launch site, I imagine you will be able to see them from parts of Kawagoe and Fujimi cities too. I reckon you’ll be able to see them from the roof of Lalaport Fujimi too!

However, the best place to see any fireworks, is usually the official viewing areas. For the Saitama City anniversary display, there will be two viewing areas. One is in Nishi ward at the Omiya Kenpo grounds and the other in Sakura ward at the Saitama City Arakawa Sports park. The Omiya Kenpo Ground is larger and it will have places for people to park bicycles.

This is one of at least seven firework displays in Saitama Prefecture this October. Four of them currently feature on this blog and the others will be added in the coming weeks:


Event: Saitama City Anniversary Fireworks さいたま市政令指定都市20周年記念花火大会

Date: Saturday October 14th

Time: from 6 pm.

Cost: the information is not yet publicly available, but it is believed that there will be no cover charge to this event.

Venue: There are two viewing locations: Omiya Kenpo Ground in Nishi Ward (map) and Saitama City Arakawa Sports Park in Sakura Ward (map). The area between is off limits.

Official website


There is no parking lot for this event. Moreover, there will be traffic restrictions in place in the area. Please come to the fireworks by bus, bike or on foot. There are two free shuttle buses. One from Saitama Shintoshin Station and one from Urawa Station. Please note that they go well in advance of the fireworks start time, from between 3 pm and 5.30 pm. The return buses, from the grounds to the station, depart from 7.15 pm.

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