Hotel Mystays Narita on Marine Day (July 15th), before our voyage to Finland.

Hotel Mystays Premier Narita

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…on hols, back in a few weeks!

I am currently on the otherside of the world with the kids, halfway through our annual trip home. I won’t be back in the office until after Obon.

It feels like my zillionth international trip with kids sans husband, but its probably only about the tenth time. I’d like to say as they get older and with each additional flight it gets easier, but it doesn’t. Especially as we always seem to encounter some form of drama or, as in this year, have an impromptu side trip to another European country.

Holidaying abroad and flying solo – long haul ~ with a stop over ~ with four kids under ten years old – is rarely going to be anything but interesting to put it mildly. Challenging might be a better description! A big shout out, respect and kudos to all those that do life solo with kids on a daily basis. And not just a couple of the months of the year when the work ethic of the Japanese prevents your partner from partaking in the adventure.

Hotel Mystays Narita

Is there any reasonable accommodation for a family of six near Tokyo Narita Airport?

Yes, there are some options for a family of six near Narita Airport. For example, Hotel Mystays Premier have a family room with three double beds that comfortably fits two adults and four children.

The night before we started our 2019 international vacay, we stayed in a hotel in Narita as is our customary pre international flight tradition. But this was the first year we stayed in the Narita Airport Hotel Mystays Premier. And we were suitably impressed.

We had been happy with our previous hotel of choice, but last year they told us that once our youngest child turned four we could no longer share a room as a family of six. That we would have to book two rooms. The cost even of two rooms is fairly reasonable, but it was more about the logistics of having two rooms. So this year I spent a considerable amount of time searching for a replacement hotel.

Suited to big families

Hotel Mystays Premier Narita was the only hotel I found that met all our criteria;

  • A room that could fit all six of us comfortably
  • Charged by the room and not per person and…
  • Within our price range of 13,000 ~ 25,000 yen
  • Buffet breakfast available (but optional)
  • Facilities on site
  • Within a 20 minute drive of the airport
  • Shuttle bus to both the airport and Narita city
  • Parking available (charged but reasonable)


Not only was the room within our budget, but it was extremely reasonable. We paid 19,000 yen (rounded off) for the room WITH breakfast included for all six of us. If we had opted out of breakfast the room would have come in slightly under our expected minimum charge.

The Pros

The facilities in mystay include an indoor and an outdoor pool, an outdoor barbecue beside the landscaped gardens and a convenience store to name, but a few. Something that wasn’t on our wish list but is really useful for overseas tourists is the smart phone in the room that you can borrow and use outside the hotel for a nominal fee.

Another thing that we really loved is that the hotel is only a six minute drive from the airport. And despite being that close you cannot hear the overhead airplanes from inside the bedrooms. There is a frequent bus service to the airport. You can wait for the bus in the comfort of the lobby as a PA system announces its arrival.

The buffet breakfast has a good selection of both Japanese and Western breakfasts. They also have a relatively good choice of drinks, but the only thing I can fault is the coffee which wasn’t great. The seating area is comfortable and overlooks the pleasant water feature and gardens.

English support

When booking our stay and during our time in the hotel the staff were extremely professional and very helpful. However, despite being an airport hotel there is limited foreign language support. But there is at least one person who speaks in English and in the room there was some English language information.

The rooms are very comfortable, clean and have loads of extras. They provide all the essentials – toothbrush, shower cap, shower gel etc There are Japanese style pyjamas to use during your stay. They even provide slippers you can take home with you (the packaged white ones, not the black ones). There is complimentary bottled water and free and unlimited wifi access.

We have found our new go-to hotel for a good nights sleep in comfort before longhaul international travel. I particularly recommend the triple room for families of between two and four children. There are three double beds so two children, or indeed an adult and child, can comfortably share.

Hotel Mystays Premier Information

Official website

31 Ōyama, Narita, Chiba 286-0131

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