Tea Berry Kawagoe

Tea Berry Kawagoe: Intimate dining room with delicious homemade afternoon teaand medicinal curry!

Tea Berry is a quirky little spot, off the tourist trail of Kawagoe. It is a small café and craft space with some unusual offerings. It is possible to walk in off the street, but if you want to taste the bona fide afternoon tea you need to book in advance.

The Cafe

Afternoon tea at Tea Berry Kawagoe

The cafe and work space is in the owner’s house. The cafe is on the left side and I would imagine was the original dining room of the house. It certainly feels like you are in someone’s dining room. It is so small it only fits six people comfortably. In the adjacent work / craft room there is more seating available and this is where events are held too.


Afternoon tea berry Kawagoe

The menu is quite small, but there are about three homemade dishes daily for walk in customers. A hot sandwich, yaki niku with rice or curry. There are also several sweets options on the menu such as scones and tarts. And they have several tea options too.

Detoxing Curry

The curry receives quite a lot of publicity online due to its ingredients and authenticity. It is a medicinal curry using herbs, that the owner learnt to make in Sri Lanka.

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea at Tea Berry Kawagoe

Furthermore the tea is also known for its medicinal benefits, particularly its detoxing qualities, and delicious taste. Without a reservation you can get a cake or scone with your tea, but if you want to try the afternoon tea you need to book in advance.

Afternoon tea Kawagoe

Afternoon tea at Tea Berry Kawagoe

If you’ve follow my Instagram you probably know already I am quite partial to afternoon tea. What I liked about the afternoon tea at Tea Berry is that it is a more original and authentic type of afternoon tea. Japan is great for aesthetic and artistic afternoon tea, but few places serve genuine old fashioned high tea. The scones, in particular, were identical to what you get at home that I felt like I could have been eating it in Ireland.

The afternoon tea set needs to be booked in advance. There is only one full time member of staff who makes the food herself. As far as I know she doesn’t speak English, but she is patient and kind and can help you with your booking if you speak even basic Japanese.

Small public playground opposite Tea Berry Kawagoe

Tea Berry is not ideally suited to children, although kids are welcome and there is a small public playground opposite the cafe. If you are bringing children, the craft area of the cafe would be more suited than the dining room.

See Information section for hours and access.

Tea Berry Impressions

The delph was spotless as was the table and the toilet was clean too, but I feel an obligation to note that the less used areas of the cafe weren’t particularly clean. I hope that won’t put anyone off too much, because truly the food is fabulous, as is reflected in numerous online reviews.

Given its proximity to the tourist area and the train stations of Kawagoe this cafe can easily be added to a day trip itinerary for Kawagoe. And is worth visiting if you like an old style type genuine afternoon tea or healthy Sri Lankan curry.

Tea Berry Information

Address:1-3-11 Nishikosenbamachi, Kawagoe, Saitama 350-0035
Hours:Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays 11 am to 5 pm. Occasionally the cafe takes extra days off. It is recommended to ring in advance.
Cost:from 400 yen for a tea to 2000 yen for afternoon tea. The curry is 1,280 yen. Tarts, scones, cakes start from 450 yen.
Online:Facebook page, Official website

Tea Berry Access

Tea Berry is only a seven minute walk from Hon Kawagoe Station on the Seibu line. It is also within walking distance of JR Kawagoe station and Tobu Tojo Kawagoe and Kawagoeshi stations.

Car parking space adjacent to tea berry kawagoe

There is two car parking spaces (parallel parking) adjacent to the cafe. They also have a lane way that fits another five or six cars, but they are very difficult to get in and out of. And you could easily be blocked in.

Tea Berry is relatively close to Kitain Temple.


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