Ageo Parks – Ageo City is one of our favourite cities in Saitama. It has plenty of things to do for children and adults alike. There is so much to do in fact I have split this blog post into two; one on outdoor locations and one on indoor locations. I find Ageo is particularly baby and toddler-friendly. Here is a list of our favourite places to go outdoors in Ageo City with our preschooler, toddler and baby. They are all mapped on a Google MyMap at the bottom of the article. (Written in 2013, last update 2020).

During the 2020 Coronavirus State of Emergency in Saitama Prefecture you cannot use any of the sports facilities in Ageo Parks.

Ageo Parks

  • Maruyama Park
  • Enomoto Farm
  • Kamihira Park
  • Hiratsuka Park
  • Saitama Water Park
  • Ageo Exercise Park

Maruyama Park

  • Ageo Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Water play wading river maruyama park
  • Cement Climbing wall, Maruyama Park, Saitama Prefecture
  • Lotus Pond and Hydrangea, Maruyama Park
  • Athletic Playground Maruyama Park

Official Website.

Free entry and free parking.

Address: 3326 Hirakata, Ageo, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

TEL: 048-781-0163. 

Access Ageo Maruyama Park

From JR Ageo Station; Tobu bus for terminal “Maruyama Park”; West Exit No. 6 bus City bus “Gurutto-kun” for hirakata-zyunkan; West Exit. Alight at “Maruyama Koen Minamiguchi” bus stop or “Shizen gakusyu-kan iriguchi” bus stop.

You can find more information in English on my blog post Maruyama Park, Ageo City.  Or view more photos on my blog post #Hanami Spot with Toddlers, Maruyama Park, Ageo City.  The park is also picturesque in Autumn.

Enomoto Farm

  • Push along toys at Enomoto Farm

Official website.

Free entry and free parking. But milking cows or taking a tour are charged.

736-1 Azeyoshi, Ageo, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

TEL: 048-726-1306.


From JR Kita-Ageo Station; Tobu bus for Nishi Ageo Shako, takes about 25 minutes. You can also use the city bus “Guruttokun”. By car 15 minutes from the Iwatsuki Interchange on the Tohoku expressway.

You can find more information in English on my blog post  Hanami Spot with Toddlers, Enomoto Farm, Ageo.

Kamihira Park

  • Kamihira Park
  • Kamihira Park Ageo 上平公園 上尾市

Official website

Free entry and free parking.

16 Sugaya, Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. TEL: 048-776-8986.  From the East exit of the JR Ageo Station you can get a city bus to the park.

For photos and more information in English, see my blog post Where old meet young, Kamihira Park, Ageo City

Hiratsuka Park

  • Hiratsuka Park
  • Hiratsuka park adventure playground
  • Hiratsuka Park

Official website

Free entry and free parking.

Address: 1212 Hiratsuka, Ageo City, Saitama.

Access Hiratsuka Park

Get the city bus, Gurutto, from the east side of Ageo Station. Alight at Hiratsuka Park. More information in English here.

Saitama Water Park

Official website

Free entry to the park, but you have to pay to use the facilities. Parking also costs money, 800 yen in peak season.

2 Chome Hinode, Ageo, Saitama Prefecture 362-0032. Tel: 048-773-6711. Tobu bus from JR Ageo Station headed for Omiya and alight at Ageo Undo Park. It’s about a 10 minute walk. You can use the city bus which stops outside the park, but its a 7 minute walk up to the entrance.

On this blog in English: Summer pools at Saitama Water Park | AGEO

Ageo Exercise Park

Official website

Free playground and free parking. There are car rides at the playground that cost a 100 yen to use. You have to pay to use the sports facilities.

Most of these play areas are easily accessible by car from neighbouring areas of Ageo such as Kitamoto City, Okegawa City, Kawajima Town, Ina Town, the West and Minuma Wards of Saitama and Hasuda City.

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