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As of May 27th 2022, the Ageo Summer Festival is actually scheduled to go ahead in 2022. Ageo City cancelled it in 2021 due to the pandemic.

Ageo Summer Festival

They carry Mikoshi, portable shrines, around the streets of Ageo for the Ageo Summer Festival held annually in the middle of July. There are usually also other festival events and celebrations held over the two days. However, due to the pandemic they might not be able to carry out all elements of the festival. We won’t know until nearer the time. Also, although this event is currently scheduled, there maybe a change or last minute cancellation due to the pandemic.

On the first day of the festival locals carry the Mikoshi around eight districts in Ageo. On the second day of the festival they carry them on Nakasendo and the area around Ageo station. The festival starts around noon and runs to 9.30 pm. The second day of the festival is the main day and there are some traffic restrictions in the area on that day.


Dates: Saturday July 16th and Sunday July 17th.

Where: around the east exit of JR Ageo Station.

Access :from the JR Ageo Station. Ageo City advise that you come by public transport.

Official event webpage.

Unfortunately, there will be some noticeable absences this summer in Ageo City. For one, the Ageo Fireworks are not only cancelled this year, but they have been suspended indefinitely. Moreover, the outdoor seasonal pools at the prefectural aqua park in Ageo City closed permanently this year.

Images from the official event webpage.

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