Villa Napoli Italian Restaurant Tsurugashima

Villa Napoli is a lively Italian Restaurant in Tsurugashima, close to Wakaba Walk. You can order individual dishes or a plan that includes all-you-can- eat pizza with sides. It is a great spot for an affordable, filling lunch with friends or family. On top of all that, the restaurant itself is picturesque. No surprises it is a very popular spot and booking advance is recommended. You can opt to take out too – even before / after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Villa Napoli Italian restaurant

Interior of Villa Napoli

I visited Villa Napoli just before the pandemic hit. I only got around to writing up a review as Corona was taking a grip around the country. It didn’t feel right posting about a restaurant back then. To be honest, it still feels like its not a great time to be promoting restaurants. But from blog analytics I can see there has been a steady increase in blog traffic for restaurants.

Villa Napoli Tsurugashima

I had passed Villa Napoli frequently in the car over the years, before I finally went to visit. It always intrigued me, because it is a beautiful building that ironically reminds me of villas in Spain not Italy! Every time I ever passed Villa Napoli the car park was always full. Often cars were lined up waiting to get in. I’d regularly see people lining up outside the door too. After visiting, I understand why it is always thriving.

The system

Dishes at Italian Restaurant

The restaurant is incredibly great value for money. Moreover it is a fun system if you opt for the all-you-can-eat option, which I highly recommend. You can opt for just all-you-can-eat pizza. Or you can do a set which is what we did. Furthermore, as it was a “ladies lunch set” it was cheaper than most.

For the set, you order a pasta dish, which is served to you by waiting staff. But you also get soup OR salad with the meal, which is self service and unlimited. You can order one drink of your liking, included in the price, but after (/before) that you can drink as much tea or coffee as you like. If you arrive and order before 11.30 am you also get one dessert (of four) with your meal for no extra cost. You don’t get to choose it though, its a lucky dip of sorts. On top of all that, the best bit, this set includes as much pizza as you can eat. The pizza is served by waiting staff:

Italian Restaurant Villa Napoli Pizza

There are about 15 different types of pizza, including dessert pizza. The staff walk around with plates of pizza. If you are ready for some pizza you flip the tags, that are in the photo above, up. Red is for dessert pizza, blue for “variety” pizza. You can have both tags up at one time. If they are down, as per the photo above, it means you are not ready for more pizza and they won’t come to your table. They walk up and down with pizza all day. If you have the tags up they will come to your table with a pizza and show you it. If its not one that you are too keen on you can pass and keep passing until one you like comes around. Or alternatively keep taking if you like them all!

You can also just order a dish without the all-you-can-eat and drink options. Similarly, you can just order dessert too. And they have options for children too, including an all you can eat pizza option.


The dishes, as you might have guessed, are mainly Italian. They have a really good selection; risottos, pasta dishes, lasagna etc The take out menu is limited to 9 variety of pizzas and a handful of dishes. Please do check with the official website for the most up to date prices.

Take out pizza at Italian Restaurant Villa Napoli


I really liked the buzz of this Italian restaurant. The decor was nice too. Some of the pizza were only mediocre and the drinks weren’t great, but on balance the food is really good. The staff were very efficient and pleasant. One of my friends has an allergy and they catered to her. I can’t say if they always do that, but they were very accommodating the day we visited. The restaurant enjoys a lot of repeat business and I feel it is very deserved. I personally would visit this restaurant again and I really want to bring the kids there.

Villa Napoli Italian restaurant Information

Villa Napoli
Address:722-6 Kamihiroya, Tsurugashima, Saitama 350-2203
Hours:10:30 am to 11 pm
Cost:Eat in: Very reasonable / affordable at around 1700 yen for the all-you-can-eat plan.
Take out: take out pizzas 500 to 700 yen, meals around 900 yen.
Online:Official website

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  1. I went here back in 2018 and loved it, though I regret pigging out a bit.

    There is a similar place in Hanno called Modern Pasta, but not quite as good as Villa Napoli

    1. Author

      Haha! Hard not to indulge in all that delicious pizza when its brought right to your table 🙂 Good to know about the place in Hanno, bookmarked for future reference. Thanks Ozburger 🙂

      1. Well, I’m now at a stage of life where I simply can’t and shouldn’t hit buffets any more. Time to focus on quality over quantity when I’m out with my wife.
        When I’m out with my kids, I’ll take them to fill up for sure.

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