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Aloha Cafe Kapilina aka Aloha Kawagoe or Kapilina Kawagoe

The blog title maybe Saitama With Kids, but as a parent every now and then we get to go out without the kids. I have my regular fixes, usually around holidays. And while Golden Week generally revolves around family time, no Golden Week would be complete without a LNO – ladies night out.

Ladies Night Out

Golden Week Ladies Night Out

Most of the time, Kawagoe is where my friends and I end up for a ladies night out. Daytime lunches we venture to here, there and everywhere, but outside of the big cities it is hard to find nightlife except for the odd “snack bar” or (if you’re lucky) an izakaya. In my town, we don’t have the latter, but we have a disproportionate amount of the former. Thankfully we are a satellite town of Kawagoe, where there is plenty of things to do at night. Omiya is another good place in Saitama for nightlife, but it is a little far from us.

Aloha Cafe Kapilina Kawagoe

From the official website (linked in information)

On our most recent LNO, which was more a LANO – Ladies Afternoon and Night out – we started off in Aloha Cafe Kapilina. Aloha Cafe Kapilina was useful for our purposes as it opens from 11 am until 11 pm, but most importantly because it has an excellent food with nomihodai (all-you-can-drink) offer. It describes itself as a modern izakaya and is also categorized as a Hawaiian restaurant.


Kapilina restaurant is decorated in a Hawaiian theme. It isn’t over the top and creates a fun light hearted ambiance. Aloha Kawagoe has some of the common trappings of a Japanese Hawaiian restaurant: thatch, palm trees, aloha shirts and fruit cocktails. They have an exposed wall on one side, sort of like a cave formation. And the doors and windows are large and inviting. They have multiple large screen TVs showing movies. Amazingly, this is something I have only seen a handful of times in Japan.


The menu is quite varied. They have lunch between 11 am and 3 pm, a cafe from 3 to 5 pm and then dinner from 5 pm to closing time. The menu varies slightly according to the period. We arrived during the cafe period, but it we had booked for a set meal with nomihodai. That brings me to another draw of Aloha Kawagoe is the value for money. The set menu with all you can drink was only 3,500 yen for 2.5 hours. I wasn’t expecting much from the food for that price, but honestly it was really good.

Loco Moco

The set course with the 3,500 yen nomihodai offer is actually a pretty nice menu. (You need to have a minimum of three people to order it). It is called the Hawaiian Course. You get a fresh cobb salad, appetizer platter, garlic shrimp, chips, baked white fish, Loco Moco (egg on burger on rice) and a pancakes with a generous serving of fruits and cream. I was hungry eating, so I’d have ate the hind leg of a donkey, but the food really was good. The drink menu for nomihodai isn’t particularly extensive, but they have the essentials – beer, wine, sour and some cocktails.

Some of the several menus

Apart from a ladies night out, Aloha Kawagoe is also suited to a lady’s lunch, a couple’s dinner, a group of friends or even solo dining. There are various courses to suit your dining needs. Apart from courses, you can order an individual meal or dessert from the grand menu, and you can even just drink. Their courses are the best value for money; individual dishes are a little pricey. For courses and nomi-hodai, it is recommended that you book in advance.


The friendly staff are a definitive bonus. Kapilina has events occasionally too, such as Hula performances. The majority of the restaurant is non-smoking, but they do have a small smoking section. We didn’t notice a smell of smoke, but we were sitting quite far away from it. I didn’t notice any English menus, but I forgot to look to be honest, but they do have a full English website linked below.


Official English website

Phone number: 050-5223-7779

Online reservation: Hot Pepper online reservation

Address: Atlanta Building 1F, 23 Sugawarachō, Kawagoe, Saitama 350-0046


Aloha Cafe Kapilina is located close to the Tobu Tojo Line Kawagoe station. It is also within walking distance of the JR Kawagoe station. It is in the Atlanta building which is located just after Atre Kawagoe and before the Kurasse building. The Kurasse building is where there is Japanese classes, a small library and the Kawagoe Station East Side Jidokan.


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