Angyo Greenery Festival

Each year the Kawaguchi Ryokka Center holds two greenery festivals – one in Spring and one in Autumn. This weekend is the spring version and the 97th occurrence of the festival.

Angyo Greenery Festival

Angyo is a bonsai town in Kawaguchi City on the border of Tokyo. Perhaps Angyo is best known in recent years for its eponymous early blooming cherry blossoms. Which you can see at Mitsuzoin temple (among other places) each year in March. The Angyo Greenery festival was previously called the Angyo bonsai exhibition and garden plant festival. Once upon a time they actually had a very good English web page for this event, but it was taken down during the pandemic. As far as I am aware, the English portal for Kawaguchi Rokka Center is still not back online.

Kawaguchi Rokka Center are the main organiser, but there are a total of five locations that participate in this event:

  • Kawaguchi Rokka Center 川口緑化センター
  • Kawaguchi City Plant Business Center 川口市営植物取引センター
  • Angyo Gardening Center 安行園芸センター
  • Angyo Bonsai Center 新小雅良盆栽センター
  • Saitama Prefecture Flowers and Greenery Promotion Center 埼玉県花と緑の振興センター

The greenery festival is on Saturday April 13th and Sunday April 14th. Last year, it was a festival lite in comparison to pre pandemic. For example, they always had live entertainment and bonsai demonstrations before the pandemic, but they weren’t scheduled for 2023. Unfortunately, they don’t have them listed on the official poster again this year either. But they will have display and sale of plants, seedlings, flowers, potted plants, bonsai and various gardening materials as well as some demonstrations. They will also have sales of fresh vegetables by JA Saitama Angyo Agricultural Products Market and exhibit works by local kindergarten children.


Event: The 97th Angyo Greenery Festival, Spring 2024 第97回春の安行花植木まつり

Date: Saturday April 13th and Sunday April 14th 2024.

Time: 9 am to 5 pm

Cost: free to enter the venues

Venue: As aforementioned there are 5 participating sites, of which the main one is Kawaguchi Rokka Center in Angyo Roadside Station. Angyo Roadside Station, 844-2 Angyoryoke, Kawaguchi, Saitama 334-0058. View on Google Maps.


There is parking at each of the venues. However, please note, in some cases its quite limited. A bus goes to Kawaguchi Rokka Center from JR Kawaguchi Stations East Exit. There is also a free shuttle bus from Tozuka Angyo station.

Official website

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Editor’s note: information for the Angyo Greenery Festivals was temporarily off the website during the pandemic. It was republished on April 5th 2023.

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