Spring flowers Hana no Oasis
  1. Yaezakura
  2. Shibazakura
  3. Rapeseed
  4. Nemophilia
  5. Tulips
  6. Azalea
  7. Peonies
  8. Icelandic Poppies
  9. Wisteria
  10. Katakuri

Just for fun! The featured image (at the top of the post) has eight of these ten flowers in it, which two are missing!? Also, don’t miss another (and very special, otherworldly) April flower that isn’t on this list, but has a post all of its own: Lupine!

1. Yaezakura and Satozakura

yaezakura gunma
Yaezakura at Ikaho Green Farm
8 Places to see Yaezakura in JapanPrefecture
1 – 6.Six places for late blooming cherry blossoms in TokyoTokyo
7. 2000 yaezakura trees at Shizumine Furusato ParkIbaraki (near Tokyo)
8. Beautiful yaezakura in Kawagoe ParkSaitama (near Tokyo)

2. Shibazakura

shibazakura saitama
Shibazakura in Chichibu
3 places to see Shibazakura in JapanPrefecture
1. Mt Fuji Yamanashi
2. Hitsujiyama Park, ChichibuSaitama (close to Tokyo)
3. Moss phlox and baby blue eyes Flower Village Kamu no SatoHiroshima

There are also some stunning shibazakura fields in Hokkaido and Kagoshima, but they bloom in May and June.

3. Rapeseed

An area where we could fly kites at Arakawa Tarouemon
Rapeseed in Saitama. An area where we could fly kites at Arakawa Tarouemon
3 places to see rapeseed in JapanPrefecture
1. In the area of Honda AirportSaitama (near Tokyo)
2. Field and Festival in Tahara CityAichi
3. Largest ‘nanohana’ rapeseed / canola flower field in JapanAomori

4. Nemophilia

Nemophilia in Saitama City
3 places to see Nemophila in JapanPrefecture
1. The most famous: Hitachinaka Seaside ParkIbaraki
2. A spot near Tokyo at Shinrin ParkSaitama
3. Uminonakamichi Seaside ParkFukuoka

5. Tulips

Saitama tulips April flowers in Japan
Tulips in Saitama City
3 Places for tulips in JapanPrefecture
1. Three million tulips and a tulip fairToyama
2. Tulips near TokyoSaitama
3. Tulips with a Mt Fuji view at Grinpa¹Shizuoka

¹Please note that Grinpa is temporarily closed in March 2024 (since Autumn 2023), but is due to reopen in April. Please check the official website, linked above, for the most up to date information.

6. Azalea

3 places for Azalea in JapanPrefecture
1. Nezu Shrine opens March 30th for the 2024 seasonTokyo
2. An off the beaten path spot near TokyoSaitama
3. 50,000 colorful azaleasSaga

7. Peonies

white peony at peony festival yakyu inari
Wisteria and peony in bloom mid April in Yakyu Inari shrine
5 places for peony in JapanPrefecture
1 – 3. Three places for peony in TokyoTokyo
4. Peony Garden opening April 6th in 2024Ibaraki (near Tokyo)
5. Kanto’s largest peony gardenSaitama (near Tokyo)

8. Icelandic Poppies

There are some really great poppy fields in my own prefecture of Saitama. We may actually have the best choice of poppy viewing locations! Including some poppies in the sky. Moreover we have the largest poppy field in Japan! However, please note prime viewing for those poppies is mid May. But Icelandic Poppies bloom in April and Saitama has some of those too!

3 places for poppies in AprilPrefecture
1. Shinrin Park²Saitama (near Tokyo)
2. Awaji HanasajikiHyogo
3. Showa Kinen Park²Tokyo

9. Wisteria

3 places to see Wisteria in JapanPrefecture
1. Kawachi wisteria tunnel opening from April 20th in 2024Fukuoka
2. The world’s most famous, 1200 year old, wisteriaSaitama (near Tokyo)
3. Ashikaga Flower ParkTochigi (relatively near Tokyo)

10. Katakuri

katakuri petals curving up at Shinrin Park
Curving up
3 places to see Katakuri flowers in JapanPrefecture
1. The Asian Fawnlily colony of KorankeiAichi
2. The Kuwatobi district of ShimogoFukushima
3. Shinrin ParkSaitama (near Tokyo)

There are three other flowers that bloom in April that are worth a mention. Lupine, Primroses and Yamabuki. The Yamabuki flower has a post all of its own due to its rarity and history. Yamabuki no Sato is one of the few places you can see a yamabuki floral garden. Likewise, Lupine also has a post of its own. But due to its unique appearance. In addition, you can find information for Primroses here, as they are the flower of my prefecture (Saitama). In Saitama, they bloom in April, but most other primrose displays are best viewed in May in other prefectures.


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