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Saikasai – Asaka City Summer Festival. This festival is on the first Sunday of August and the preceding Saturday and Friday annually. The festival was on in 2022 too, but they didn’t have the popular firework display to avoid crowding. But, thankfully, the fireworks are back in 2023. However, they ended up having to postpone them. I wasn’t in Japan at the time, so I don’t know why, but I do know the new date has been decided. But first…


Due to all this festival has to offer, plus its proximity to Tokyo, as well as the central location only 5 minutes walk from Asaka station, the Saikasai 3 day festival is one of the biggest of Saitama summer festivals. In a “normal” year, it attracts about 650,000 people and it gets great reviews from local and regular attendees.

The festival

Saikasai location

The festival takes place around the area of Asaka Central Park and Athletic and Baseball stadiums (beside Asaka City Library). Normally, there are lots of stalls, about 300+ stalls offering festival type food and/or activities. In addition, in a “usual” year, there is a huge variety of attractions including traditional dance, such as yosakoi and various other types of modern and traditional dance.

There are also normally numerous live performances, traditional music and so much more. Another highlight of the festival is the army parade. Furthermore, there is a water play area for children. In addition, the city mascot visits occasionally over the three days. You can view the exact and extensive schedule here when it has been updated closer to the time. At the moment, July 10th 2023, they have not released the schedule yet.

On the middle night (i.e. the Saturday) of the three day festival, in 2019 they launched about 9000 fireworks (7.15 pm). Although, on average over the years its about 7500. However, it sounds like they are launching less in 2023. They normally open the stadium in the park (pictured above) before the fireworks so it is possible for everyone to get somewhere to sit and enjoy the show. (Thanks to C.S and A.N for the information). However, in 2023, they are actually distributing tickets to this area in advance, from July 12th. Ticket information here.

New Date for the fireworks

The fireworks will now be on Saturday November 4th. Approximately 10,000 fireworks will be launched between 6 and 7 pm. They will not postpone the fireworks again and they will be completely cancelled if there is bad weather on the 4th. If you want a ticket for one of the free viewing areas, your application needs to arrive by October 12th. Official event page for the fireworks.

On the same day there is another festival in the area: Asaka Street Terrace 2023, which will also be on Friday the 3rd.


Event: Asaka Saikasai (summer festival and fireworks) 朝霞市民まつり彩夏祭

Dates: August 4th, 5th and 6th 2023. Fireworks have been postponed until November 4th 2023.

Times: from 6 pm to 7 pm for the fireworks on November 4th.

Cost: due to the postponement of the fireworks, there will be three free viewing areas: Asaka Central Park Athletics Stadium and the baseball stands, and the tennis courts at Aobadai. However, you need to apply / register in advance for a ticket.

Venue: Various for the festival, such as Asaka central park, and Asaka, Kita Asaka, Asakadai stations. They have two main venues: “Asaka Venue” and “Kita Asaka Venue”. The fireworks will be launched from Camp Asaka. As above, you have to get a ticket to the free viewing areas which are Asaka Central Park Athletics Stadium and the baseball stands, and the tennis courts at Aobadai.


The festival can be accessed from both Tobu Tojo line Asaka and Asakadai stations or the Kita Asaka station on the JR Musashino Line. The Asaka venue is close to Tobu Tojo Asaka station. And the Kita Asaka venue is near the Tobu Tojo Kita Asaka and JR Musashino Kita Asaka stations.

Images below and featured image (at top of page) from the official website:


An overview of the elements of the festival in English at the official website here . Japanese information here.

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First published August 1st 2017. Updated annually. Last republish June 14th 2022, last update July 10th 2023. All information was accurate, to the best of my knowledge, at the time of publishing. Please check the official website for the most recent information and for any last minute changes or cancellations.


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