Asaka summer festival

Just a quick post about the Asaka Summer Festival that’s on this weekend. I’m way behind this week! I still haven’t updated the “This Weekend in Saitama” web story (updated now!) But in preparation for that, I was double checking what is on this weekend. Its actually a fairly quiet weekend, especially in comparison to last weekend when there were dozens of events, fireworks and festivals on. However, there are some summer festivals and events on, such as this one in Asaka.

Asaka Summer Festival

Countdown to Asaka Summer Festival

I was in Asaka city on Sunday visiting the headquarters of our karate school, among other things, when I spotted the countdown clock, pictured above. So I went looking for information about the summer festival… I didn’t have far to go. Right behind this counter there was a community notice board with the flyer for the festival, in the featured image, pinned to it!

I have not been to this festival myself and from what I can tell it is nothing like the hugely popular Asaka City Festival ‘Saikasai’. It seems to be a much more local type festival than Saikasai which attracts people from all over Saitama, Kanto, even Japan! This one, Asaka Summer Festival, is run by locals for locals with more low key performances and activities.

The line up is mainly showcasing Japanese culture with things such as traditional dance and music. There are stage performances as well as other indoor activities that visitors can participate in. Such as dance, sports and crafts. They will have some art exhibited. They will show a movie at the planetarium on the Saturday (the planetarium is closed on Sunday). It looks like a nice event for local families.


Date: Saturday August 27th and Sunday August 28th

Time: 10 am to 5 pm on the Saturday and to 4 pm on the Sunday

Cost: mainly free, some activities may have a charge

Venue: Asaka City Central Kominkan / Community Center, 1−7−1 Aobadai, Asaka, Saitama 〒351-0016


The Central Kominkan is located beside Asaka Central Park and Asaka City Library. There is a small parking area for the community center and there is also parking at the park. However, in my experience, it is often difficult to get a spot. Sometimes they open an overflow car park on the far side of Koen Road. The community center is only a few minutes walk from Tobu Tojo line Asaka Station.

Official event web page on Asaka City’s website here.


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