August festivals, fireworks, events

Events, fireworks and festivals on in the month of August, 2023, in Saitama Prefecture. Normally, I add new events all the time, but I will be on holidays from close of business today! Therefore, I won’t be adding events as frequently as usual. Also, for the same reason, I won’t be able to track the condition of flowers / status of events in real time either. Please do check with the official websites for the most recent information. Each event listed below is linked to a page with further information, where you will also find the official website for the location / event.

While a lot of festivals and events are back on and / or back to normal in 2023, there are still quite a few that have opted to cancel again in 2023. Particularly fireworks! For example, at least three of the firework displays will not be on in 2023: Kawagoe, Higashimatsuyama and Soka. Ageo fireworks are also not on – they announced in 2021 that the fireworks will be cancelled indefinitely due to riverside work at the former launch site.

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August Festivals, Fireworks and Event Information

Daily Events

Events that are on every day in August, bearing in mind some places close one or two days a week. Also, some events maybe dependent on good weather, including moderate temperatures. It is not unheard of for a place to close temporarily in August, because its too hot!

Weekend events during August + big weekday events

Hereafter, events on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays as well as the larger festivals that fall on weekdays. In addition, anything in the daily list is also on, if the venue is open. Often attractions are closed one day a week, with Monday closures being the most common. Also, bear in mind, some of these events are dependent on the weather (including temperatures)! The ⇗ symbol in front of a link indicates that the link is to an external, usually Japanese language, source.

Thursday August 24th

A special entry for this fun festival:

Friday August 25th

Events on today include all events listed in the ‘daily’ section (all things equal) at the top of the post, plus…

Festivals &/or Fireworks on August 25th

All other events on August 25th

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Saturday August 26th

Festivals &/or Fireworks on August 26th

All other events on August 26th

Sunday August 27th

Festivals &/or Fireworks on August 27th

All other events on August 27th

Events showcased in the feature photo at the top of the post, from top to bottom;

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