Hanyu mascot setsubun

Hanyu, Mascot Setsubun – a setsubun celebration where mascots throw the beans instead of demons or honored guests. Mascot Setsubun I love finding events like this setsubun with a twist in Hanyu. In most setsubun bean throwing ceremonies around Japan, either honored guests and / or demons throw the beansRead More →

A Hina doll in bamboo in a flower pot in Kakyu no Sato but the photo was also used for the Iwatsuki Dolls Festival feature photo

Iwatsuki Dolls Festival – Iwatsuki is a very famous “Hina”, traditional Japanese doll, town often referred to as the “city of dolls”. Iwatsuki have been making dolls since the 17th century. Moreover, Iwatsuki Doll making was awarded the prestigious Traditional Craft Product designation by both the prefecture and the country. Until 2020 the city has two doll museums;Read More →

Wintersweet at Shinrin park January in Japan used as the feature photo for 10 places to see wintersweet in Saitama Prefecture

In the last week, several places around Saitama Prefecture have reported that their wintersweet have started to bloom, a little earlier than the average year. By the first week of January, we should be able to see and smell wintersweet, but they will probably come into their prime around midRead More →