washi no sato paper making house

Washi no Sato is a roadside station in Saitama’s last and only village, Higashichichibu. Moreover, it is one of the most famous places for traditional washi paper making, a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. You can try your hand at the 1300 year old tradition at this quaint rest area inRead More →

Strawberry Candle Flower

Strawberry Candle flowers and Lotus Grass in Kawagoe Strawberry candle flowers aka Crimson Clover is now in bloom in Japan. In this post: some general information about May flowers and Strawberry Candle Flowers. And for those living in Kawagoe; an off the beaten path location to see them. It isRead More →

Fukka chan Fukaya Green Kingdom

There is such an obsession in Japan in spring to see the cherry blossoms, then the wisteria, the moss phlox, the azalea, the nemophila etc. Its all about one flower or bloom. But come May, its open garden season. And people turn their attention from the large displays of oneRead More →

moss phlox Honjo

Moss phlox, sunflowers, marigolds, night illumination and other seasonal blooms at Marigold Hill in Honjo City in Northern Saitama Moss phlox aka Shibazakura The moss phlox of Hitsujiyama in Chichibu need lead introduction to people living in the Kanto Plain of Japan. I think the image of the pink, purpleRead More →

aobaen wisteria

Seven hundred year old wisteria, a natural monument of Saitama Prefecture, and Japan’s tallest pagoda at Aobaen in Saitama City In the most unlikely of places in Saitama City there are three 700 year old wisteria that are a designated natural monument of Saitama Prefecture. The wisteria are on theRead More →

Sengenyama Park in Fukaya

Wanpaku Land, also known as Big Turtle, in Sengenyama Park, Fukaya City. Sengenyama Park Sengenyama park (not to be confused with Miharashi on Sengenyama) is a medium sized park in Fukaya city. The main function of the park seems to be offer citizens sporting opportunities. There are several sporting facilitiesRead More →

Terrace cafe Hasunoka Cafe Kawagoe

Hasunoka Cafe is right across the road from the main entrance to Kitain Temple. As such, it is also close to Naritasan Temple. If you are looking for somewhere “safe”(from Covid) for a sit down coffee and / or a light meal near either of these temples, this is oneRead More →

Wisteria at Tamashiki Shrine

Another wisteria spot in Saitama for you today – this time in Kazo City. This time, one that is quite famous. Not Ashikaga famous, but locally famous. Tamashiki shrine in Kazo may not be nationally famous for its wisteria, but it is for its kagura. The Kagura of Tamashiki ShrineRead More →

wisteria hanyu saitama

You only have to glance at Instagram to see that the wisteria season is in full swing in Saitama and all over Japan. For many, the emergence of the delicately hanging flowers make up for the end of sakura season. They are one of about a dozen ornamental flowers thatRead More →

Lupine at Shinrin Park

The Lupine flowers have started to bloom around Saitama Prefecture. You can see small displays of them in private gardens and occasionally public places such as parks or shrines. However, there is one location in Saitama where you can see a large display of Lupine (Lupines / Lupinus); Musashi KyuryoRead More →