Saitama Day Train Passes

Saitama Day Train Passes – You can already purchase the one day “all-you-can-ride” (乗り放題) train discount tickets for Saitama day, this Thursday November 14th, at participating train stations.  The prices are summarised by railway below. A child fare is required for children from age 6 up. Children under the age of 6Read More →

I don’t know any Japanese people (in Japan) who don’t have at least one BBQ a year. That’s not to say everyone in Japan has them, just everyone I know! What I deduce from this; barbecues are popular in Japan. Autumn seems to be the most common season for them. Barbecues aren’t a thingRead More →

PLEASE BE AWARE THIS WAS POSTED IN 2013. The locations are generally the same year on year, but there are no guarantees. Yesterday, I posted 10 locations that are usually fee paying that you can enter for free on the annual Saitama Prefecture day on the 14th of November. HereRead More →

Heisei no Mori park is situated in a town that few people even in Saitama know, even fewer by its proper name, Kawajima. Due to a mistake in the roads department, the Interchange that should have familiarised people with the town’s name didn’t as it was mistakenly called “Kawashima”! ThisRead More →

WRITTEN IN 2013, but the places are the same year on year. Saitama Prefecture Day or Saitama Prefectural day, kenmin no hi in Japanese, is on the 14th of November each year. Many venues and locations offer free entry to their attractions on this day.  You can also get specialRead More →

    One of my favourite local places to bring visitors during Autumn with young children is Kitain Temple in Kawagoe (Saitama). There are some truly beautiful scenes to be captured around the temple and in the period house on the grounds. Unfortunately, my photos were only taken with a camera phone,Read More →

I have been itching to come on the computer all week, to share my exciting news from last Sunday. Last Sunday night, just as I was planning to turn in for the night, I saw a surprise comment I could not leave till the morning. It was from the mostRead More →

I got this simple Halloween craft idea from our local jido centre, which is like a free children’s community centre. All you need is a papercup, scissors, a black marker (or black paper and glue) and a piece of string or wool or a cut elastic band for hanging. YouRead More →

4 year old had his first trip out with his Baba (Japanese for Grandmother) this weekend to the Kawagoe Autumn festival. I didn’t make it myself this year, more’s the pity, but here are some photos I’ve taken over the years. Information for the festival is linked after the photos. ForRead More →

We visited the Toy’s Kingdom during the summer, while staying in Karuizawa. They have a huge marketing and advertising campaign this year and its working; I would never have known about the place otherwise. It is a nice place for young children and it’s quite reasonably priced. They have different packagesRead More →