Kitamoto Children's park cherry blossoms

Kitamotoshi Kodomo Park 2012 to 2020! Kitamotoshi Kodomo Park is called Kitamoto Children’s Park in English. When I first wrote this blog post in 2012 I only had two children and they were both toddlers. Fast forward eight years and I now have four children aged between 5 and 10Read More →

Kawasaki Halloween Parade Halloween in Japan

Kawasaki Halloween Parade Online Project 2020, from Kanagawa to the world! The 24th Kawasaki Halloween Parade costume contest will be held online on account of the Coronavirus outbreak. The hashtag and theme for the 2020 Kawasaki Halloween Parade is #OneworldHalloween . Kawasaki Halloween Parade As Halloween has its origin inRead More →

Nanbata Castle Park Musket Shooting Festival

Nanbata Castle Park in Fujimi City. In Saitama‘s oldest published post! First published in 2008 and still going strong in 2020, thank you very much for your readership and support. When you search for things to do in Fujimi, or indeed ask somebody for recommendations, Lalaport Fujimi is probably theRead More →