2023 setsubun Souganji

The Setsubun festival at Fudougaoka Fudouson Souganji Temple in Kazo is famous throughout Kanto and beyond. It is probably Saitama’s most famous setsubun-kai? So much so, champion sumo wrestlers, even yokozuna have participated in the mamemaki bean throwing in the past. It has the reputation of being one of theRead More →

Daffodil Festival

Daffodil Festival (also known as the Narcissus Festival) in Gongendo Park, Satte, Saitama in 2023. Each year in winter, from early January until around early February, thousands of daffodils and narcissus grow in the number four park of Satte Gongendo Park. The daffodil were first planted in 2005 and theirRead More →

2023 information for the Misotsuchi Icicles at Otaki Ice Festival

The Otaki Ice festival, illuminated Misotsuchi Icicles in 2023 – One of the most famous, and beautiful, winter scenes of Saitama is at the Otaki Ice Festival. Located in the former Otaki village (now part of Chichibu city) in the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park. The Misotsuchi Icicles are the only naturallyRead More →