Heisei no Mori park is situated in a town that few people even in Saitama know, even fewer by its proper name, Kawajima. Due to a mistake in the roads department, the Interchange that should have familiarised people with the town’s name didn’t as it was mistakenly called “Kawashima”! This park is less than 5 minutes from the “Kawashima” Interchange on the Metropolitan Intercity (Ken-o) Expressway.

The park is beginning to make a name for itself for the beautiful rose garden and the longest rose tunnel in Japan. I saw some roses budding today and some more will bud over the coming weeks, but May is when they are said to be the most spectacular. The autumn leaves at the park are also well known in the area. The park has been listed on the Saitama park navigation site “top places” to view the changing colours in Saitama prefecture.

There is a lovely playground for children of all ages and at the centre of the rose tunnel there is a small playground suited to very small children. In the summer, there is a paddling / splash pool. There are at plenty of toilets, but no changing mat and no hand soap. Parking is plentiful and free.

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