Godaison Ogose Azalea April 14th 2023
Torii and azalea ogose

It is a little sad when the prunus (plum, cherry, peach blossoms) finish in Japan. But only a wee bit, because right behind them comes a multitude of equally stunning flora. <If you like flower viewing in Japan, don’t miss this post with ten April flowers and where to see them in Japan>. Straight after the yaezakura, a late blooming cherry blossom, the moss phlox are in bloom. Then peonies (among others) come into bloom. As well as one of my favorites: azalea. This year, because the cherry blossoms were late the azalea are coming straight after them. There are dozens of places to see azalea in Saitama, but one of the most picturesque is in Ogose:


Godaison Azalea aka Tsutsuji Garden 2023
April 14th 2023

Ogose is a rural town in the Iruma-gun of Saitama Prefecture. It is home to dozens of off the beaten path locations and hidden gems. Ogose is most famed for its plum blossoms, as the Ogose Bairin is one of the three “great” plum blossom groves of the Kanto plain. The official flower of Ogose though is the Yamabuki yellow rose. You can see the beautiful yellow flower, in Yamabuki no Sato. It is one of the largest displays of “yamabuki” yellow rose in the Kanto plain.

Azalea Ogose
Near the entrance of the Godaison Azalea Park

Ogose is also popular for hiking, especially around the waterfalls. This temple has a hiking trail to Sakuranoyama and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers on Taikanzan. Stunning sakura grow there in early April and March. However, in more recent years – although the flowers have actually existed for 300 years – Ogose is becoming increasingly known for its azalea. (Don’t miss this other amazing azalea spot also in Ogose). The scenery at Godaison is attracting people from far and wide…

Godaison Azalea Park

Stone plaques along the walkways for the 88 Kannon at Godaison Azalea Park in Ogose
Stone plaques representing the Japan 100 Kannon
Azalea Ogose at Godaison Azalea Park Godaison Tsutsuji park ogose saitama things to do in saitama azalea saitama
The popular purple azalea with white and pink at Godaison

Azalea at Godaison

Shades of Azalea Ogose at Godaison Tsutsuji Park
Red, pink, purple, white and peach azalea in Godaison

Shrines at Azalea Ogose Godaison

There is also another shrine and burial place on the south end, beside a dam that was built in 2019. Beside the dam there is a picturesque babbling brook.

Godaison Azalea Festival 2024

The 2024 Godaison Azalea Festival is on from Saturday April 13th to Monday May 6th. When there is a festival on you have to pay to enter the grounds. In addition, you also have to pay for parking. It costs 300 yen to enter the festival area and 400 yen for parking. You can check on the official site, linked hereafter, for the current condition of the azalea and any changes to the schedule. It is not uncommon for the festival dates to change last minute in response to the condition of the flowers. They haven’t changed the dates yet, but as of April 11th only the purple azalea are flowering. Official site.

In Summary

Purple and pink azalea and red torii at godaison azalea tsutsuji park ogose
One of my fave views of the day in 2019

Written after my 2019 visit: I was glad I made the 35 minute car journey to see the azalea in Ogose today. The bursts of colour on the hill really do look spectacular. I do think that even for those coming by train or from further afield that, if you combine the visit with an extended hike in the area or a ramble around town, that it is worth the journey. I like to tag on a visit to the quirky junk yard whenever in Ogose!


Event: Godaison Azalea Festival 五大尊つつじ祭り

Dates: from Saturday April 13th to Monday May 6th 2024.

Hours: 9 am to 4 pm during the festival (see festival section)

Cost: 300 yen for anyone over the age of 12 during the festival season only and 400 yen for parking.

Venue: Godaison, 328-2 Kuroiwa, Ogose, Iruma District, Saitama 350-0411. View on Google Maps.

Official Website


Make a night of it!?

Opark Ogose – campsite with log cabins, trailer house, pao and indoor play area and pools:



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