Azumagawa yozakura cherry blossom light up Tokorozawa

Very short notice, but Tokorozawa City are currently lighting up the cherry blossoms along Azumagawa. Unfortunately, the last night is on this Friday, the 5th, unless they extend it. <Update April 5th: they have extended it! Until April 14th!> They started it on Saturday 23rd of March reportedly, before the cherry blossoms had even started blooming. That happened a lot this year, because the earlier Sakura forecasts had predicted all cherry blossoms would be early this year.

Azumagawa Cherry Blossoms

The Azumagawa Cherry Blossoms grow along a 5.4 kilometer riverside walk in Tokorozawa City. There are approximately 700 cherry blossom trees, most of which are of the Somei Yoshino variety. There are also some kanhizakura too. Unfortunately, I cannot find an update on the current condition of the cherry blossoms. The photos in this post are stock photos from previous years. The featured photo, at the top of the post, is from Tokorozawa City.

The light up is on a 1.6 kilometer stretch of the walk. From Asahi bridge in the Nishiarai area to Naka bridge in the Ushinuma area. The area is open 24 hours, but the light up is from 6 pm to 11 pm. Because the cherry blossoms were late to start blooming, they should be in good condition even after the official light up period is over. In fact, they are expected to only reach full bloom around Saturday the 6th – the day after the light up ends!


Event: Azumagawa Cherry Blossom Promenade light up 東川の桜並木をライトアップ

Dates: started on March 23rd and will finish on Friday April 5th Sunday April 14th 2024.

Time: from 6 pm to 11 pm.

Cost: there is no admission fee

Venue: Azumagawa Sakura Path – from Asahi bridge to Naka bridge, Nishiarai and Ushinuma area. The sakura walkway is marked on Google Maps: view it here.


There is no parking lot and no parking nearby. They ask that you use public transport. You can get a bus from the east exit of Tokorozawa Station. Get a bus bound for the Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park “Kokukoen” 航空公園 and get off at the “Shintobashi” 新東橋. The Azumagawa Cherry Blossom Promenade is close to that bus stop.

Official web page on Tokorozawa City Website, where the featured photo came from.

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