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Minuma Tanbo is a really beautiful part of Saitama City, probably best known for being home to Japan’s longest cherry blossom promenade. However, in Autumn, you can also see some stunning scenery. There are several different cosmos fields in the Minuma tanbo. Moreover, one of them is backdropped by a trainline. So you can get a shot of cosmos flowers with a train passing by in the background. The flowers typically bloom from around the end of September to early November, weather permitting. And each year in October, they have an one day cosmos festival in the field.

Minuma Tanbo Cosmos Festival

Saitama City Minuma Tanbo Cosmos Festival 2023

The information for this festival is quite convoluted to find annually. While it has grown in popularity, they still really don’t promote it to keep the number of visitors down. At one time, when the festival wasn’t that well known, they used to put the event information on the official website for Minuma Tanbo. But they haven’t done that in recent years. This year they just put basic information on their X (aka Twitter):

Years ago they used to have many different activities at the annual cosmos festival. But this year there is just a farmer’s market, food stalls and cosmos flower picking. According to JA Saitama, you can also pick sunflowers.


Event: Minuma Tanbo Cosmos Festival 見沼田んぼコスモスまつり

Date: Saturday October 21st 2023. If there is rain on the 21st it will be postponed until the 22nd.

Time: from 9 am to 3 pm

Cost: there is no admission fee

Venue: In the cosmos fields north of the Saitama Municipal Omiya Baseball Stadium, 2 Chome-519 Junocho, Omiya Ward, Saitama, 330-0805. View on Google Maps.


The fields are located north of the Saitama Municipal Omiya Baseball Stadium, which is located on the North West corner of Owada Park which is an extension of Omiya Dai Ni (Second) Park! The field is about a ten to fifteen minute walk from Omiyakoen Station on the Tobu Urban Park Line.

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