daylily garden Ogawa

Each year in summer Okamoto daylily garden in Ogawa opens to the public for about two weeks. However, between 2020 and 2022 they didn’t open due to the pandemic. But they reopened in 2023 and will open in 2024 too. All the photos in this post, and the reel, are my own and were taken in the summer of 2023 at the garden.

Daylily Garden Ogawa

Okamoto daylily garden

Daylilies grow in Saitama Prefecture in summer. The period of bloom varies depending on location, but generally you can see them around the end of June and early July. During the period of bloom Okamoto Natural Farm open their day lily garden to the public for a couple of weeks. In 2024, that is from Sunday June 23rd to Sunday July 7th. The garden is located to the side of the farmer’s house and in front of their chicken pens. You can hear and smell the chickens in the garden!

Beautiful colourful daylilies back dropped by a kura warehouse

The garden is not that big, but there are approximately 5000 daylilies. Moreover, there are about 800 different varieties, including many original varieties that they crossbred themselves. There was at least two different farmers or gardeners in the garden while I was there. They seem to be available for questions as well as sales. They sell seeds on request. I didn’t realize that it was an egg farm until after the fact – when I was researching this post. Had I have known, I would have asked them if they sell eggs on site too!

Sign requesting 100 yen entry fee into Day Lily Garden
Drop the ¥100 entrance fee into the box

>>Another place for daylilies in Saitama Prefecture

A reel of my visit in 2023:


Event: Okamoto Natural Farm, Day lily Garden 岡本自然農園・ヘメロカリス園

Dates: Sunday June 23rd to Sunday July 7th 2024 (subject to the condition of the daylilies).

Time: from 9 am to 5 pm.

Cost: 100 yen for anyone over 15 years old. You deposit it in a box at the entrance to the garden.

Venue: Okamoto Natural Farm Daylily garden, 1280 Aoyama, Ogawa, Hiki District, Saitama 355-0324. View on Google maps.


The farm is off a principal road, but you have to use a narrow country dirt road, for just a few meters, to get to the parking lot. There must be two parking lots, because Ogawa Tourism website says there is parking for 20 cars. But the parking lot I used only fits about eight – and that’s at a squeeze.

The garden is about a 30 minute walk from Ogawa Station. You can also get a bus from the station, bound for “Washi no Sato” and alight at “Kitane” bus stop. The farm and garden are about a three minute walk from the bus stop. Alternatively, you can rent a bike from Ogawa Tourist Information Office. Its about a 15 minute cycle from the tourist office.

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