Sunflowers Hatoyama

One of the routes to Tokigawa town brings you through the low hills of the Hatoyama countryside, where there is currently sunflowers in bloom. I found myself there serendipitously today, just as the sunflowers are starting to bloom. About a quarter of the sunflowers are already photogenic.

Sunflowers Hatoyama

The sunflowers in this part of Hatoyama are growing on a field that is terraced. Just three terraces, nowhere near as dramatic as the Terasaka Rice Terraces. The sunflowers on the higher level are in good condition, but the sunflowers on the lower level probably need another few days to bring out the vibrant yellow color.

Sunflowers Hatoyama

There really is nothing else in the immediate vicinity and there is no official parking. Thus, the problem is, its not really an official ‘attraction’. There are three areas that look like the farmer intentionally left as grass for people to park, but with no “parking” signs in sight, there was no way I was risking it. There is a little space at the side of the road in one area, for just one car. I took a chance and parked there for five minutes!

But I’m sharing this in case you live, hike or cycle in Hatoyama and / or are visiting the excellent Gu Choki Pan in the near future. In addition, it might be of interest to anyone going to any of Tokigawa’s many attractions in the coming week. For example, the Sanba Gorge, for a bit of river play, or to try the highly acclaimed kakigori at Yamadaya. If you are indeed traveling to Tokigawa, from the East, you can take this scenic route for a bit of drive by sunflower viewing!


Event: Sunflowers in Hatoyama

Date: it looks to me like they have only started to bloom recently, so they maybe around for a week or two. But I can’t guarantee it.

Time: daylight hours!

Cost: free

Venue: the area is ‘Ohashi’, but the sunflowers are not on Google maps and there is no landmark nearby. I’ve plotted it on Google Maps here.

I have not included access in this post, due to the type of place that it is.

There is no official website and no information (that I can find) online.

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