February was particularly dismal this year and rain is forecast for most of this first week of March, but by the end of this month these barren trees will be dressed in their finest spring wear. We will have one of many “hanami” under these spreading Cherry Blossom trees.  Until then we will continue to enjoy the lesser known, but equally beautiful Ume or Japanese plum tree blooms.

If you are looking for ideas for where to enjoy hanami in Saitama, with young children, please take a look at the Cherry Blossom category on this blog. You will find information for some parks, such as Maruyama park and Kitamoto park, and other play areas such as Enomoto farm.

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    1. I wrote that they are as equally nice as cherry blossoms, but then I was looking at last years photos and really the cherry blossoms are much nicer! However, it really is nice to have blooms, especially ones as vibrant as the Ume blossoms. I hope you can see some blooms soon

    1. It’s a wonderful time of the year. Are there none where you live? I grew up with one outside my house in Ireland, but I never appreciated it until I came to Japan!

      1. I can imagine that. No, we don’t have that kind of seasons. I live in tropical country. Indonesia. 😀 We just have dry and wet seasons.
        Sometimes we take daily things for granted. I often in that state too. 🙂

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