Besshonuma Park, Minami Ward, Saitama City – a great park for families all year round, but particularly in Autumn when the trees around the lake are shades of yellow, orange, red and green.

I read an article on the WordPress DailyPost with suggestions for surviving NaBloPoMo. One of them was plagiarise yourself. Duly noted and executing that suggestion in this post! Not a particularly exciting post and far from detailed, but I like to give the good parks of Saitama a searchable link in English and seen as today is “Choos-day”. This one is from an old blog of mine that no longer exists.

Besshonuma Park is centrally located, only a 5 minute walk from Naka-Urawa Station on the Saikyo Line. You can also access it from Urawa Station which is on a number of lines (outlined in the access area below). The park can be reached from Ikebukuro or Shinjuku in about 30 minutes. One of the many attractions of the park is its design. The playground is well spread out and is encircled by trees, which give shade in the summer and protection from winds throughout the year.

Other attractions include (you will find some pictured in the library);

  • Infant and toddler friendly playground equipment
  • Vending machines
  • A restaurant on site
  • A wading stream during the summer
  • Fishing
  • Walking/jogging course
  • Cherry blossoms
  • Autumn foliage including gingko (and a carpet of yellow) and maple trees
  • Free parking

Autumn in Besshonuma

Unfortunately, I don’t have the photos to prove it (yet!), but Bessho Numa is a really great spot for appreciating autumn colors. I took this photo from the Saitama City website, but it doesn’t do it justice.


Besshonuma has a beautiful kawazu cherry blossom. In 2024, reportedly it had already started blooming by February 17th. The photo below was taken when it was near full bloom in 2020, also in February.

Bessho Numa Park Information


Besshonuma park is a five minute walk from JR Saikyo Line’s Naka Urawa Station.

You can also walk from JR Urawa Station on the Keihin Tohoku, Utsunomiya, Takasaki and Shonan Shinjuku Lines. It takes about 20 minutes on foot from those stations.

TEL: 048-711-2290
ADDRESS: 4 Bessho, Minami-ku, Saitama 336-0021
Official website

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