A grid with photos representing the April events in Saitama Prefecture
  1. Colorful corridor display (Saitama City)
  2. Seasonal afternoon tea (Saitama City)
  3. Rakuten’s World Tour III (Saitama City)
  4. Cherry blossom afternoon Tea (Kawagoe)
  5. Koinobori Carp Streamers display (Kawagoe)
  6. Harumode period (Kawagoe)
  7. Ai no Ai exhibition (Kawaguchi)
  8. Water play (Ageo)
  9. Inariyama Park Barbecue Garden (Sayama)
  10. Sayama City Botanical Encyclopedia Exhibition (Sayama)
  11. Salvador Dali exhibition  (Tokorozawa)
  12. Kamen Rider exhibition (Tokorozawa)
  13. Tatsuo Takayama: The Universe in the Palm of a Hand (Tokorozawa)
    • originally scheduled to end April 8th, as it was extended until May 6th I added it to the daily list
  14. Strawberry picking at Musashi no Mura (Kazo)
  15. Loco Farm strawberry picking (Hanyu)
  16. Kitamoto Camp field (Kitamoto)
  17. Shimura Farm Strawberry Picking (Sakado)
  18. Kinomura Camp (Tokigawa)
  19. Ranzan Valley Barbecue (Ranzan)
  20. Icelandic Poppies (Namegawa)
  21. Yatsunosato Strawberry picking (Namegawa)
  22. Strawberry picking (Moroyama)
  23. Canola and carp Streamers (Tsurugashima)
  24. Strawberry picking (Yoshimi)
  25. Strawberry Picking (Higashimatsuyama)
  26. Other strawberry picking farms in the Western area of Saitama (Various)
  27. Barbecue / Camping (Yorii)
  28. Strawberry picking (Fukaya)
  29. Canola flowers (Kumagaya)
  30. Camping and cabins (Kamikawa)
  31. Camp and cabins (Minano)
  32. Cabins and camping (Nagatoro)
  33. Iruma Basin exhibition (Nagatoro)
  34. Strawberry picking Arakawa Roadside Station (Chichibu)
  35. Other Chichibu and Northern area strawberry picking farms (Various)
  36. Strawberry picking in the Eastern area plus farms that are easily accessed by train (Various)
  37. April flowers (Various)

Saturday April 27th to Monday April 29th

The days from Saturday to April 27th to 29th are listed below. However, the Golden Week Guide has even more events and things to do for that weekend:

Saitama City

All others

Saitama City

All others

April 29th annually is Showa No Hi, a public holiday. Furthermore, it is the first public holiday in Golden Week.

Saitama City

All others

Events showcased in the feature photo at the top of the post, clockwise from top left;

Past Dates And / Or Finished events

I don’t normally showcase weekdays, but this is a special entry for this limited event – an hot air balloon ride at the famous Kumagaya Sakura Zutsumi. However, the cherry blossoms aren’t really blooming yet!

A special weekday entry for the start of this lovely cherry blossom festival:

Cherry Blossom Events on April 5th 2024

All Other Events on Friday the 5th

Cherry Blossom Events on April 6th 2024

All Other Events on Saturday the 6th

Today was supposed to be the last night of many sakura festivals and / or light up events. However, some places have extended the period of their light up / festival as the sakura are only reaching 50% to full bloom now. Events on today include all the events in the daily list, some of which are weather permitting, plus the following events which are separated into ‘Cherry Blossom Events’ and ‘All Other Events’:

Cherry Blossom Events on April 7th 2024

All Other Events on Sunday the 7th

A special weekday entry as this is the new last date for the Sakuranoyama festival and light up:

But the Kodama Senbonzakura light up just started. Their somei yoshino cherry blossoms are in full bloom now:

And the azalea festival starts on Mt Kanao:

A special weekday entry as the Minoyama park cherry blossom light up finally started:

A special weekday entry to share places that still have somei yoshino in bloom AND still have a festival OR light up:

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