January events, including cultural, only in Japan events, in Saitama Prefecture near Tokyo

January events in Saitama Prefecture. A round up of events on in Saitama Prefecture in January 2024. Please note, I add new events all the time, often multiple times a day, as I confirm them. So if you are reading this on the day it was published, please note dozens, even hundreds more, will be added in the coming days and weeks. Update January 5th: several dezome shiki and the Iruma Air Show have been cancelled, because the fire brigades and air force are assisting with the Noto Peninsula earthquake relief. Also, the icicles opening day and one dondo-yaki has been postponed due to weather…

Saitama Prefecture Event Information 埼玉県のイベント情報

All the big events on in Saitama Prefecture in the month of January. Including limited events, seasonal events, regular events, traditional events, flea markets, outdoor events, sporting events and so much more! However, I do not typically include children’s events at malls (such as Anpanman shows and the likes) or small events that require advance booking, unless there is something particularly special about them. Also, I don’t typically include weekday events, unless they are on every day of the month (daily events) or its a public holiday or its a large, not-to-miss event such as a festival.

Events on every day in January 2024

Hereafter events that are on every day, that an attraction is open, in January. (Several places close on a Monday. For example, Saitama Children’s zoo where the capybara onsen is on). Please bear in mind that some of these events are weather dependent. Also, it is not uncommon for an event to be postponed, cancelled or undergo changes, please always check the official website before going out the door. The official website is linked within each post. In the lists below, an ⇗ indicates a link to an external site, most often the official website.

  1. Brilliant Promise Cocoon City Illumination (Saitama City)
  2. Brilliant Earth Garden Illumination (Saitama City)
  3. Pool fishing (Kawagoe)
  4. Skiing / Snowboarding (Tokorozawa)
  5. Tokorozawa Station illumination (Tokorozawa)
  6. Sakura Town Winter Light up (Tokorozawa)
  7. ‘Tatsuo Takayama: The Universe in the Palm of a Hand’ (Tokorozawa)
  8. Salvador Dali immersive exhibition (Tokorozawa)
    • NB: Kadokawa is closed for annual maintenance from January 15th to 19th 2024
  9. Strawberry picking (Sayama)
  10. Capybara and Monkey onsen (Sayama)
  11. Capybara onsen (Higashimatsuyama)
  12. Strawberry Picking (Higashimatsuyama)
  13. Land of Dreams illumination (Higashimatsuyama)
  14. Swan’s winter habitat (Kawajima)
  15. Ageo Illumination (Ageo)
  16. Strawberry picking (Konosu)
  17. Illumination Masterpiece (Kazo)
  18. Tonarie Illumination (Fujimino)
  19. Sun City Illumination (Koshigaya)
  20. Fantasy Lights (Kawaguchi)
  21. Misato Station illumination (Misato)
  22. Niodori Park illumination (Misato)
  23. Soka Illumination (Soka)
  24. Toda Illumination (Toda)
  25. Strawberry picking (Fukaya)
  26. Okabe station illumination (Fukaya)
  27. Fukaya Terrace Park and Premium Outlets (Fukaya)
  28. Hatsumode (Kumagaya)
  29. Hoshikawa Illumination (Kumagaya)
  30. Kotatsu boat (Nagatoro)
  31. Shell World – Unraveling the strings from shellfish (Nagatoro)
  32. Chichibu Illuminate (Chichibu)
  33. Strawberry picking (Western area)

Events by date

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Friday January 26th

All of the events on the daily list, all things equal, and…

Saturday January 27th

Sunday January 28th 2024

Photos in the featured image at the top of the post, clockwise from top left:

Finished events

A lot of events are weather dependent so please bear that in mind. Also, it is always prudent to check the official website for any last minute changes and / or cancellations. The official website is linked within each post. In the lists below, an ⇗ indicates a link to an external site, most often the official website. Events on today include most of the events listed in the ‘Daily Events’ list (some attractions are closed because its New Years Day, for example public museums), plus…

Most of the events listed in the “daily” list (some places will still be closed today for New Year holidays), plus…

Most of the events listed in daily list, plus…

All of the events listed at the top of the post, plus (all things equal)…

All of the events listed at the top of the post, plus…

Traditional New Year events

All other events on January 6th 2024

Traditional New Year Events on January 7th 2024

All other events on Sunday January 7th 2024

As today is a public holiday, even locations that normally close on Monday, will be open today. Thus, all of the events listed above should be available today, plus…

A special weekday entry for some of the New Year events on today, which include:

Friday January 12th 2024

Saturday January 13th

All of the events listed at the top of the post, plus…

Sunday January 14th

Monday January 15th 2024

A special weekday entry as there are several New Year events on annually on January 15th. In addition two events start on the 15th of January annually too:

Friday January 19th 2024

Saturday January 20th

Sunday January 21st 2024

Wednesday January 24th

A special weekday entry for these three events starting today:


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