Sengenyama Park in Fukaya

Wanpaku Land, also known as Big Turtle, in Sengenyama Park, Fukaya City.

Sengenyama Park

Sengenyama park (not to be confused with Miharashi on Sengenyama) is a medium sized park in Fukaya city. The main function of the park seems to be offer citizens sporting opportunities. There are several sporting facilities in the park including softball and soccer pitches, a baseball field, tennis courts and even a skate park. Moreover, there is a large gymnasium in the park “Big Turtle” that is used for various sporting events. Part of the park is a hill. On the hill there are some seasonal blooms. The symbol of the park is a steam locomotive engine which is a permanent fixture in the park. This article focuses on the outdoor play park in the park: “Wanpaku Land”.

Skate park at Big Turtle SEngenyama park Fukaya
Skate Park at Sengenyama Park in Fukaya City

Wanpaku Land

Wanpaku Land is the outdoor play park. It is located on the south east of the park, with a view of the Joetsu Shinkansen tracks which run overhead nearby. The area isn’t particularly large, but they have some nice equipment for children. Most of the attractions are outside. Moreover, the bicycles which are the main attraction of the park, can be used by adults too.

During Coronavirus

Please note during Coronavirus the bouncy castle is out of commission as is the air trampoline. The throwing hoops, which are a free attraction, are also not in use during the pandemic. Also, you need to have your temperature checked before entering. No mask, no entry.

Changes to equipment

Another thing to note is that the roller slide which the park used to be renowned for, was removed in recent years. Nothing to do with the Coronavirus. They first time we visited this park, about 8 years ago it was still there. So I was surprised when we revisited in 2000 that it was gone. However, there are a couple of attractions that were added in recent years. For example, a maze which is at that back of the play area.


Outdoor attractions include:


bikes at big turtle sengenyama fukaya

Much like Kawamoto Sun Green park, also in Fukaya, the bikes at the Big Turtle Wanpaku Land are quite unusual. They have a good selection, but not as good as Kawamoto Sun Green Park. The adult price is 200 yen (100 yen for children) for 30 minutes use of the selection of bikes. There is no charge for children under three years old. Among the selection are tandem bikes and even bikes that four people can ride together at the same time. There is a course that circles the full length of the play area. You have to follow a one way flow of direction.

Grass slide / grass ski slope

grass slide at wanpaku land in sengenyama park Fukaya
The bike course (left) and go karts (right) course go under the large grass slide / slope

The grass slide / grass ski slope was the highlight for my older children who were 11 and 9 years old on our last visit in Autumn of 2020. Only children of school going age (6 to 12 years old) can use the grass slide / ski slope. They are quite strict about the use of the grass slide. They only let a few children use it at the same time. You have to listen to the operator’s instructions before use. Children must wear protective gear that is provided. At the moment, the grass slide is only open on weekends. It costs 50 yen per child for 30 minutes of use.

Go karts (coin operated)

The “go karts” are battery operated cars. It costs 100 yen for one go. Unlike other battery cars that are in a square, these battery cars have a track. The track goes around the inner circle of the bike course. Like the bike course, it is a one way course.

Others include:

Coin operated rides
  • Maze – large size for children over four years old. It costs 200 yen for one go.
  • Air trampoline – there is no charge to use the air trampoline, but it is currently out of operation due to the pandemic
  • Throwing hoops – these are also free. However, they are also currently out of operation due to the pandemic
  • Coin operated rides – pictured above
  • Two mini railways – Thomas the Tank Engine and Anpanman (Thomas the Tank Engine one pictured below)
  • Bouncy castle – in the shape and design of Fukaya’s mascot Fukka-chan. (Check out the Fukka-chan shop at the Hanazono Roadside Station). The bouncing castle is currently out of operation due to the Coronavirus
Thomas the Tank Engine mini railway Fukaya


  • UFO Catchers / Crane games
  • Claw machines
  • Rest area
  • Vending machines
  • Toilets


Address:〒366-0801 Saitama, Fukaya, 上野台2567
Hours:9 am to 5 pm. Closed one Thursday per month. Schedule here.
Cost:Between 50 and 200 yen per attraction, a few things are free.
Online:Official website


Wanpaku Land is located within Sengenyama Park. There is free parking for 80 cars. The park is about eight kilometers from the Hanazono Interchange of the Kanetsu Expressway. By public transport: Wanpaku Land / Big Turtle is about a 30 minute walk (2.3 kilometers) from JR Fukaya station, which is on the Takasaki Line. There is also a community bus “Kururin” that goes from the South exit of the station.

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