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Blue Festival Kuki – It’s not missing an “s” and its nothing to do with music; the blue festival in Kuki is in celebration of blue (or blue-ish!) flowers that bloom at this time of year. It amalgamates two long running flower festivals – the Iris festival and the Lavender festival. There are about 16,000 Iris in the area and approximately 8,400 lavender blooms.

The “festival” is held annually in June. However, in both 2020 and 2021 the event was cancelled on account of the Coronavirus. The event dates really indicate the period of the bloom rather than an actual event in the typical sense of the word. The actual events are mainly on during the weekends, with the weekend of the June 16th being the main weekend during the festival. Kuki did not grow their cosmos this year to deter people visiting. However, it is not yet known if the lavender and iris will bloom or not. I will try to update closer to the time.

In a “regular” year, weather permitting, there are music performances on June on each Saturday and Sunday of the festival period. Generally the performances are just before lunch and / or just after lunch.  Viewing is free.

Blue Festival Kuki Locations

The locations are spread out around the general area of the Shobu branch of the District Government office (mapped below).


(Site of) Shobu Castle Iris Gardens

The site of the old Shobu castle is the main area of the Iris flowers for the Blue festival. There are approximately 16,000 Iris of 50 different variety.


Lavender Field

There are a number of different lavender fields in Kuki. The main one is right by the Government branch office. The other “Lavender field” is about a six minute drive away at Shirasagi Park.

Shirasagi Park

Access the Blue Festival

There is parking for up to 700 cars near Shobu Junior High School when the festival is on. The parking area is approximately a seven minute drive from the Shiraoka Shobu exit of the Ken-o expressway.

By public transport there is a special bus and temporary bus stop during the period of the festival only. It is about 25 minutes by bus from JR Okegawa station east exit bus rotary. It will not be available in 2020 / 2021.

You can find even more flower festivals and other events in Saitama on the main events page.

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