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Information for the agritourism Genki farm in Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

Genki Farm

Genki farm sunflowers

Genki farm is a renowned agritourism fruit picking farm – with Gyoza – in Konosu! It is best known for its strawberries in winter and spring, but you can also pick blueberries and dig for sweet potatoes and onions at different times of the year. In addition, you can also purchase gyoza and shaved ice / snow cones! Furthermore, they also have seasonal flowers, such as tulips in spring and sunflowers in summer. December 1st 2023: strawberry picking will start from December 15th and the booking site is open now.

Blueberry Picking

Blueberry picking season usually starts around the end of June and runs until mid August. However, this year the blueberries seem to have been a bit late to start (same at Hilltop Farm) and are thus expected to last until the end of August. However, it will really depend on how many people pick in the coming weeks! Please do check the official website for the most up to date information.

Blueberry picking is done differently to strawberry picking. You pay a fee into the farm and then you pay, by weight, for the amount of blueberries you pick (see cost in information section). Time is not strict; up to around 40 minutes is fine, if you can stand the heat! I would advise to book in advance. We took a chance and arrived without a booking and it was no problem, but I think we were lucky judging by the amount of people that were there.


The sunflowers are currently in bloom at Genki farm. The farm is well known for its picturesque sunflowers and sunflower maze. They usually grow around 2000. However, in 2023, they have only grown a small portion of the sunflowers and there is no maze. They are beside the blueberry bushes. The sunflower photos in this post were all taken this week.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato vending machine genki mura

There is a sweet potato vending machine on the grounds too, where you can purchase either a hot or cold sweet potato for 500 yen! Which is quite cheap considering that in Kawagoe it costs 800 yen per potato from a similar vending machine. You can also dig sweet potatoes at the farm, but they don’t have a huge amount. Therefore, the sweet potato picking season is quite short – in 2023 they are planning to open from September 23rd to October 2nd. Furthermore, hours are quite short: from 10 am to noon, and it costs 500 yen for 2 potatoes. It is recommended you book in advance for the sweet potato digging experience.


Frozen Gyoda vending machine
Frozen gyoza vending machine!

Genki farm is part of the larger cooperation Genki Mura Group. One of their initiatives is a support center for people with disabilities, where they make gyoza. The shop is called Yume Kobo Shoyuen and the gyoza is called Genki Gyoza. You can buy frozen Gyoza at the center, but don’t worry if they are closed on your visit – you can pick some up from the vending machine outside! Subject to availability that is!


Strawberry snow cone genki farm

Three are three flavors of snow cones: mango, green tea and strawberry. The strawberry flavor is made from strawberries grown at the farm. They cost 600 yen. You can also pick strawberries at this farm;

Strawberry picking

The season is usually from mid December to May. They will open for picking from December 16th 2023 for the 2024 season. It costs 2700 yen (2200 yen for kids) from December 16th to January 8th. From January 9th it is 2500 yen per adult, 2000 yen for children three years old or older. There is no charge for children under three years old. From March the price goes down each month. From May 7th to 31st it only costs 1500 yen for an adult and 1000 yen for a child. This farm has night time strawberry picking too, which is something you don’t see often. You can pick strawberries at night on select dates near the end of the season. Booking site.


Event: Blueberry and sunflower season

Season: Blueberry picking from end of June until around the end of August. Sunflowers are usually in bloom the first two weeks of August, but this year they are in bloom the middle two weeks.

Hours: generally from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm, last entry at 3.30 pm. But sometimes they close early. The hours on Google Maps seem to be kept up-to-date by the farmer. If so, please note, that the farm is closed tomorrow Saturday the 12th of August.

Cost: there is a base entry of 500 yen into the farm and then you pay for the blueberries you pick by weight. It cost 20 yen for 10 grams. (2023 prices)

Venue: Genki Farm, 41 Shimoya, Konosu, Saitama 365-0025. View on Google maps.


By car the nearest highway interchange is Okegawa kano interchange of the Ken-o expressway. There is parking for ten cars.

Official website where you can also get the phone number, it is marked very clearly in a box on the right of the page.

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