Every now and then a blog post gets eaten by gremlins. During a routine check today I discovered that an article I wrote about Botanen in July 2017 was missing on the blog post side of things, but still in the event section. As an old event its not much use over there, so I am moving it over here – to the blog post side of the website:

July 2017

The new playground at Botanen in Higashimatsuyama (the one near Shinrin Park NOT Yakyu Inari) will temporarily open for the summer holidays from August 1st to 31st 2017. It will not be completely finished or permanently open for business until the end of 2017.


Botanen Playground

Botanen playground and park higashimatsuyama

This playground is now the biggest playground in the city of Higashimatsuyama.  There is one large combination piece, with another smaller one in front. There are a number of slides, one of which is a windy tunnel slide and another a roller slide. The roller slide has plastic sleighs beside it that you can use freely to protect your bum as you come down the slide!

Photos from our visit to Botanen in 2017:

Botanen Access

Botanen is in Higashimatsuyama, but is very close to Shinrin Park in Namegawa. There is free parking in two different locations. There is currently no charge into the park, but they do charge during the Peony flower season when the park is in full bloom.

The nearest station is Shinrin Koen Station on the Tobu Tojo Line.  It is a ten minute drive from Botanen. During Peony season there is a special bus that runs every 15 minutes from Higashimatsuyama Station on Saturdays.  It costs 100 yen.

Official website

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