Brochure for the 2024 Peony Festival at Botanen in Higashimatsuyama

Each year in spring, Botanen in Higashimatsuyama have a peony festival. This year it will be on for longer than normal – for one full month. Because Higashimatsuyama is celebrating 70 years as a municipality, they have some special events planned for this year’s festival. The festival starts this weekend…

Botanen Peony Festival 2024

The highlight of the year at Botanen, a peony garden in Higashimatsuyama, is the Spring Peony festival. In recent years, Botanen is more than just a peony garden. They turned into a park and added a lovely playground a few years ago as well as a barbecue area. The park is free most of the year, but you have to pay in during the period of the spring peony festival only. For many years Botanen was the largest peony garden in Japan. They had 6500 peony until recent years, but I see the number has gone down to 5000 this year. It may not be the largest in Japan anymore, but it remains the largest peony garden in Saitama Prefecture. Photos of the playground and more information about the park here.

In 2024, for the first time, the festival is on for a full month. It starts on Saturday April 6th and is on, all things equal, to Monday May 6th 2024. The official hours of the festival are from 9 am to 5 pm. This year the festival is quite different to last year. Last year they only had one day with food trucks and live performances. But this year (2024) they have food trucks each weekend in April. Moreover, they will be there daily from April 27th to May 6th. In addition, during the period of the festival there are several activities planned, such as:

  • As a special event for the 70 year anniversary of Higashimatsuyama city, Shogo kariyazaki will be at the festival on April 13th and will give a talk and be available for autographs.
  • Peony staff workshop on April 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th and May 4th from 3 pm. 1000 yen per person, which includes a peony plant.
  • Free Paper flower workshop on Sunday April 14th from 1 pm.
  • JAL Origami corner on April 20th. This is a free event, but it is limited to 30 people. You need to secure a participation ticket.
  • Balloon Art on April 28th from 1 pm.
  • Dress Art on April 29th from 1 pm. This is a free event, but it is limited to 30 people. You need to secure a participation ticket.

Another peony spot in Higashimatsuyama

This is not the only peony flower spot in Higashimatsuyama. If you are travelling to Botanen to see the peony, make sure you don’t miss the nearby peony garden at Yakyu Inari, the baseball shrine. At Yakyu Inari you can also see azalea and wisteria. Their wisteria is very picturesque. There is a separate peony festival at Yakyu Inari during the peak bloom period of the peony in the garden.


Event: Higashimatsuyama Peony Festival 2024 東松山ぼたん園花絵巻

Dates: from Saturday April 6th to public holiday Monday May 6th 2024.

Time: from 9 am to 5 pm.

Cost: 500 yen entrance fee to the park / festival, during the period of the festival only. Free the rest of the year.

Venue: Higashimatsuyama Botanen, 東松山ぼたん園, 1148-1 Oya, Higashimatsuyama, Saitama 355-0008. View on Google Maps.


Botanen is in Higashimatsuyama, but is very close to Shinrin Park in Namegawa. There is free parking in three different locations. Also, the “dai san” number 3 car park is only open during the peony festival. Between them there is parking for 330 cars.

The nearest station is Shinrin Koen Station on the Tobu Tojo Line.  It is a ten minute drive from Botanen. During Peony season there is a special bus on select dates from the west exit of Higashimatsuyama station. In 2024 it will run from Saturday April 13th until May 6th on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. It costs 200 yen. You can also use the city loop bus that runs every 15 minutes from Higashimatsuyama east exit’s number 4 bus stop. It runs from Monday to Saturday. It costs 100 yen.

Official event page.

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