I’ve been watching the updates on typhoon number 26 on and off all day. For most of the day, it looked menancing enough, but nothing to get too concerned about. Then this evening the media started to report it as expected to be the largest typhoon in ten years. Now I am duly worried.

There was a strong typhoon a month ago, that was quite frightening. The winds are predicted to be stronger and the rain heavier for typhoon number 26 or typhoon Wipha as the foreign press are calling it. We sustained a little damage to the exterior of our house during the September typhoon, so we are bracing ourselves for potentially more severe damage.

We got a note in 4 year old’s backpack from preschool today, to say that school is out tomorrow due to the expected force of the typhoon. The media is saying that there will most certainly be delays on public transport and international flights. Power shortages and outages are expected in the worst hit regions. If previous public response to natural disasters is anything to go by, the shops will most likely be sold out of essential items by midday tomorrow.

Its always good to prepare for the worst, just in case. Thankfully, we will get the brunt mid-morning so any potential power outages won’t severely effect us immediately. We do have our torches to the ready and plenty of food in just in case things continue through the night. There are concerns about how this will affect the already crippled Fukushima power plant, but I’ll worry about that if/when it happens.

Stay safe!

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      Its good the schools cancelled so early. It sounds like a bad one. I hope you don’t sustain any damage nor have any need to go out tomorrow.

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      🙁 Chances are though the lines will be down; if it hits with the ferocity they seem to expect. I hope it isn’t as bad as they anticipate, but I wouldn’t be surprised if its much worse either. I hope they decide to let the teachers off “just in case” too. Take care

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          It wasn’t as bad as expected, the one mid-September hit us worse. However, two of the local rivers burst their banks. Was there much damage in your area in the end?

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