Cafe Pour Toi #cafehoppingsaitama #higashimatsuyama

Cafe Pour Toi, Higashimatsuyama

Cafe Pour Toi Higashimatsuyama #cafehoppingsaitama
Front of Cafe Pour Toi

Social Media is a great resource for finding cafes in Saitama that aren’t easily found elsewhere online. Cafe Pour Toi is a point in case. They don’t have a dedicated website, but instead use a Facebook page. A lot of cafes are using social media accounts these days instead of an official website. Actually there is a surprising amount of cafes that never had a website, even before the social media boom. Instead they had a page on a restaurant or cafe guide website such as Tabelog or nothing at all, unless some blogger happened to blog about them.

Cafe Pour Toi Higashimatsuyama, #cafehoppingsaitama
Cafe Pour Toi Higashimatsuyama, #cafehoppingsaitama

But now you can use keywords or hashtags on Instagram to find what type of cafes are in your area. Even in English. #SaitamaCafe or #cafehoppingsaitama will give you a selection of cafes all around Saitama. Using the word cafe with the city name in English might also bring up results for some cities, but if you search in Japanese you will have a better chance of revealing instagood cafes!

Cafe Pour Toi

cafe pour toi higashimatsuyama

I was drawn to Cafe Pour Toi by its photos on Instagram and I promptly clicked through to its location on Google Maps. It turned out it was relatively close to my house. It is not the usual type of cafe I go for, but thanks to both Instagram and Google I knew it was child friendly. And as it happened I was due a oyako (parent and child) date with my middle child, so off we went…


The cafe is, unusually, in an housing estate. A relatively new housing estate. But it is located beside Peony Walk Mall making it a good location for foot traffic and ease of transport. You can get a bus from Takasaka station on the Tobu Tojo Line and walk a few minutes to the cafe. By car: they only have parking for three spots, but one of the Peony Walk over spill car parks is very close. (Map under “Information”).

Kid Friendly

Cafe Pour Toi

The cafe is somewhat child friendly, but not suited to babies. There’s no diaper changing unit as far as I am aware. The high chairs are for toddlers as they have no belts. But what makes it good for kids:

  • Nice bright airy room
  • Some books for kids
  • High chairs (for toddlers up, no belts)
  • Kids cutlery
  • 100% Juice
  • Kids meals


Kids Meals

Kids Pancakes at Cafe Pour Toi
Kids Pancakes at Cafe Pour Toi

They don’t have a kid’s menu per se, but rather kids meal and juice sizes of the main menu. My daughter tried the kid’s pancake set which comes with a 100% apple (or orange) juice. The pancake was a really good size for her and came with banana, whipped cream and chocolate dressing. She said she preferred it to the pancakes at Kona’s pancake house, so that is a very good sign and review for the cafe! The plate looks like a paper plate, but its actually made from ceramic. No plastic or paper in sight thankfully.


Pour Du Toi menu toast and sandwich
Toast and sandwiches

The menu offers light meals such as toast and sandwiches (pictured above) or more filling dishes with rice or pasta (pictured below). As far as I know there is no English menu, but there are photos on the menu and I am sure the owner would help you with your order. As far as I am aware he speaks English.


There is a separate menu for dinner. It is a similar set up to the lunch menus.


They have a great selection of desserts including pancakes. And you get cake sets – cake with a drink – too.


proper coffee in higashimatsuyama saitama

A specialty of the cafe is coffee. The owner is a barista. You can get many different types of coffee (and other beverages). The coffee price is a little hiked, but it is worth it for the way it is made and presented. I had a moka coffee, which I was happy with. They occasionally hold coffee classes too.


coffee class in higashimatsuyama saitama
  • Birthday and celebratory cakes with decoration
  • Magazines free to read
  • They organise special events including coffee classes

Information Cafe Pour Toi

Cafe Pour Toi hours

Cost: from 400 yen for a drink, from 390 yen for food (toast), from 780 yen for a meal and around 500 yen for a dessert.

Hours: 10 am to 5 pm on Tuesdays, 10 am to 3 pm on Wednesdays, 10 am to 9 pm from Thursdays to Mondays.

Address: 〒355-0048 Saitama, Higashimatsuyama, Azumachō, 4−1-21

Phone: 0493-81-3975

Facebook Page



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