Cancelled events in Saitama in 2020

Cancelled events in Saitama in 2020. Jump to the live list. Jump to events that are currently going ahead as planned.

Even before the Department of Labor, Welfare, and Health encouraged the cancellation of all largely attended events (due to the Coronavirus Outbreak) on February 20th 2020, there had already been several events cancelled in Saitama (and Japan) due to other reasons. For example; typhoon Hagibis, an unseasonably warm winter and the Olympics.

Cancelled Events 2020

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This article outlines some of the larger and / or popular events that will not take place this year, 2020, due to four main reasons;

Typhoon number 19

The typhoon not only temporarily or permanently closed places, it also effected many seasonal events. Among the events cancelled in 2020 due to damage from typhoon number 19, aka Hagibis, are:


A warmer than normal winter has resulted in changes and / or cancellations to several events including:

The Olympics

Ironically, due to the Olympics quite a few of the larger annual events have actually been cancelled, including;


Okanzakura Sakado Nissai Sakura Festival cancelled events coronavirus

After a government press conference, on Thursday February 20th, encouraged the cancellation of all events with a large attendance, several seasonal events in Saitama were cancelled. A further push came from the Government the following Thursday, the 27th, when they requested the closure of all schools throughout Japan.

The official guidelines are for all events that attract more than 500 people to be cancelled until March 15th. But several events have opted to suspend planned events for later in the month and even in early April. Some of the cities have a designated page listing all the events cancelled due to Coronavirus (e.g Soka City), but most don’t and its been a bit of a task trying to find them all!….

The Live List of events cancelled due to Coronavirus outbreak

Date of event
Ongoing event
Click the event name
to be brought to more information
OngoingOmiya Zoo events (Japanese language only)
Saitama Children’s Zoo events (Japanese language only)
Mushi Mushi Museum Shinrin Park
March 7thCycle Festa (Japanese language only)
March 7th – 8thHeroes Assemble in Saitama Shintoshin
Koshigaya Plum Blossom Festival
March 8th Soka Matsubara Road Race (Marathon) (Japanese)
Chichibu Muse Park Plum Blossom Festival (Japanese)
Moroyama Spring Yabusame
Yamada Spring Festival and Fireworks
March 14th – 22nd Sakado Nissai Sakura Matsuri
March 14th – 15thHanasaki Park Spring Festival
Happy Spring Park Shinrin Koen
March 22nd Shirakobato Park Festival
Kumagaya marathon (Japanese)
March 25th –
April 9th
Satte Cherry Blossom Festival
March 27th –
April 12th
Kita Koshigaya Sakura Matsuri
March 28thCESS renewal open events (Japanese language only)
Opening of the Kawagoe Spring Festival
Irumagawa Cherry Blossom Festival
March 28th. 29thSaitama Marche (Japanese language only)
April 4thRanzan Sakura Matsuri and Fireworks
Boat ride on Shingashi River
April 4th and 5thSayama Cherry Blossom Festival (Japanese)
April 5thShimozato Sakura Matsuri
Kumagaya Air Base Sakura Matsuri

Cancelled events confirmed after March 2nd

Scheduled dateCancelled Events
added after March 2nd
April 4th and 5thKitamoto Cherry Blossom Festival
March 25th to April 7thKumagaya Sakura Festival
April 4th and 5th Inariyama Park Sakura Matsuri
April 5th Kodama Senbonzakura Festival (Japanese only)
March 24th to April 5thAgeo Cherry Blossom Festival
April 4th and 5thMotoara Sakura matsuri and boat ride
April 5thKounosu Park Sakura Festival (Instagram)
April 5thAkagi Park Cherry Blossom Festival (Instagram)
Kitamoto Sakura Matsuri

Events that are going ahead

Nagatoro Plum Blossom Festival – but they suspended the free shuttle bus on March 1st.

Omiya Dai Ni Plum Blossom Festival – but most of the events within the festival have been cancelled.

Ogose Plum Blossom Festival – but events within the festival have been cancelled.

Hanno Dolls Festival – but several of the events within the festival were cancelled.

Iwatsuki Dolls Festival – but individual events within the festival are cancelled.

Added events after March 3rd

Kitain Temple have not cancelled their cherry blossom festival, but they are not permitting food or drink this year and there will be no festival stalls.


    1. Thankfully the parks themselves aren’t closed (for now anyway) so we can still see cherry blossoms and so forth, but just no sakura matsuri to go with them. How about in Australia? Has there been any great changes to / cancellations of events?

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