Catching up

I had to forego blogging for the past few weeks due to travel, unexpected visitors and general hecticness in our lives. I have missed it! This is just a quick post to thank everyone who has followed my blog and posted comments in the last few weeks. I will spend the next few days reading and responding to the comments and then reading my favourite blogs – I am genuinely really looking forward to catching up on all the blogs I follow and love to read. 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll find some time to post too. 🙂

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0 thoughts on “Catching up”

  • Bronwyn Joy @ Journeys Of The Fabulist

    March 30, 2014 at 23:55

    I missed you! I was wondering what happened to you 🙂 .

    I ended up leaving a print out of your strawberry-picking post in our Tokyo accommodation in the info pack – currently enjoying the feeling that a family with kids might be finding it useful. Unfortunately everyone was a bit tired by the end of the trip and didn’t feel like navigating to the farms – there were a couple quite nearby. Next time!

  • freebutfun

    March 31, 2014 at 02:39

    Life happens 🙂 happy to hear you are well though!

  • tokyohamster

    March 31, 2014 at 12:56

    I hope you find some time to enjoy a hanami this week 🙂

  • rommel

    April 3, 2014 at 04:28

    Catching up is hard but still enjoyable seeing progress from other blogs and exciting of what you going to post in the future. Have fun! Don’t get carried away. 😀


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