Thatched roof of a gate with red maples leaves in front of it at Heirinji in Niiza Saitama, right beside Kiyose in Tokyo

Heirinji in Niiza City, right by Kiyose in Tokyo, is one of thee most special places for autumn leaf viewing in Saitama Prefecture. More than being just beautiful, the temple has a rich and fascinating history. I have waited a long time to share information about the temple, so IRead More →

Legendary 500 year old gingko trees at Kou Shrine in Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture, lit up at night

Ko (Kou / Kō) Shrine, 鴻神社, is the principal shrine of Konosu City. The Kanji is 鴻, “otori”, which is from konotori, which means oriental stork. The shrine is home to the konotori legend from which Konosu city gets its name. Konosu is also written with the same kanji 鴻Read More →

Seien Park Illumination

Seien Park illumination in Fukaya is a relatively new addition to “In Saitama”. I’m not sure when the very first display was, but the event has been around for at least four years. It started grabbing attention in 2019 and has proved to be a very popular and photogenic illuminationRead More →

The first ever Premium Christmas in Saitama Prefecture ever, This weekend in Saitama

For years I have posted about the Premium Outlets Santa each November, secretly wishing that we had a Premium Outlets of our own in Saitama Prefecture! BUT NOW WE DO – FINALLY! Perhaps a Christmas Wish come true!? The Fukaya-Hanazono Premium Outlets opened in Saitama Prefecture on October 20th 2022,Read More →