Ogano Summer Festivals

Information for two Festivals in beautiful Ogano Town, in the Chichibu area, this summer, 2024. A Gion Festival in July and a Tanabata Festival in August. Both festivals attract locals, campers and bikers! Ogano town is particularly popular with bikers! Hence it is nicknamed the ‘biker’s town’ and they evenRead More →

Koshigaya Osawa Katori Shrine wind chimes

Information for Koshigaya’s largest summer festival and Katori Shrine, which is one of the most prominent shrines in Koshigaya City. There are actually several different Katori Shrines in Koshigaya. This one is in the Osawa area. Hence it is often referred to as Osawa Katori Shrine OR Kita Koshigaya KatoriRead More →

Tokorozawa sunflower

Information for the Tokorozawa Sunflowers / Sunflower Field and Festival also known as the Mikajima Sunflower fields or Himawari Batake 三ケ島ひまわり畑 in Japanese. Tokorozawa Sunflower Field and Festival There are approximately 20,000 sunflowers at the Tokorozawa Sunflower fields (Himawari Hatake). They are a hybrid variety. This is the 19th yearRead More →