Icelandic poppies at Spring outdoor park

“Outdoor Park” is a Bi-annual event at Shinrin Park (officially Musashi Kyuryo National Government Park) in Namegawa town. Every year Shinrin park hold two “Outdoor Park” events: one in Autumn and one in Spring. The autumn event used to be the main one with lots of stage performances and specialRead More →

wisteria at tamashiki where the Kazo City Kisai Wisteria Festival is held

The Kazo City Kisai Wisteria Festival needs little introduction to Saitama-jin, as it celebrates the 450 year old wisteria of Tamashiki Shrine. It is a popular festival annually. The shrine’s spring festival generally overlaps with some of the dates of the wisteria festival. Kisai Wisteria Festival 2024 First and foremost,Read More →