ushijima sunflowers Kasukabe

Approximately 24,000 sunflowers grow at Ushijima Furukawa Park, specifically the area of the park called “phase II” close to the children’s center “Angel Dome”. Ushijima Sunflowers The sunflowers typically bloom the first two weeks in August. In 2021, the sunflowers were declared open on July 28th. Update August 3rd –Read More →

Seibu Amusement Park Fireworks

The Seibuen Yuenchi (Seibuen Amusement park) fireworks are back in 2022! Until 2018, before the pandemic and the amusement park’s renovations, they were one of the most popular summer fireworks in Saitama annually. They also used to have fireworks during their ‘Lantasia’ winter night illumination, which were equally popular. Here’sRead More →