Kisai Hydrangea festival

For the third year in a row, the Kisai Hydrangea Festival will be celebrated at Tamashiki Shrine park. Before the pandemic, this festival was held on hydrangea road. The Tamashiki Shrine is a stunning location, but the rickshaw on hydrangea road with the castle in the background was thee shotRead More →

Kashiwaba Oakleaf Hydrangea at Sashiogi Shrine Saitama City

You hear so much about “ajisai dera” (hydrangea temples) at this time of year in Japan. But what about hydrangea shrines? Hundreds of shrines throughout Saitama have some hydrangea on their grounds, but for some reason its all about the hydrangea temples! Well there is an actual reason – hydrangea’sRead More →

Tatsuo Takayama flower in your hand exhibition at Kadcul Edit and Art Gallery May June July 2024

Information for the “Tatsuo Takayama: Every Universe a Flower in Your Hand” exhibition at the Edit and Art Gallery in the Kadokawa Musashino Museum¹, in Tokorozawa Sakura Town, in winter 2024. This is the second ‘volume’ of Tatsuo exhibitions. The first installment “Tatsuo Takayama: the Universe in the Palm ofRead More →

Safflower in Okegawa 2021

The “Benibana” Safflower Festival of Okegawa. Just as in 2023, the festival is slightly different to previous years, but not because of the pandemic. But because they are currently building a roadside station in the area of the safflower fields. The construction of which has been delayed several times overRead More →

Water lilies at Iwatsuki Castle Park

According to the Saitama City Tourism Facebook page, the water lilies at Iwatsuki Castle Park are already blooming. The striking red bridge, “Yatsu” bridge, that the park is famed for, creates a beautiful backdrop to the flowers. This park is also known for its cherry blossoms and cherry blossom festivalRead More →