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Saitama Coronavirus updates – Corona updates for Saitama Prefecture for December and November. Saitama Coronavirus Updates Last update 12/03 at 19:39 December 3rd 151 cases 2 deaths 151 new cases of Covid-19 and 2 deaths were reported in Saitama Prefecture, December 3rd. The prefecture announced the deaths. 148 people haveRead More →

Saitama Strawberry Picking

A selection of 12 Strawberry Picking farms in Western Saitama, for the 2021 strawberry picking season. Western Area There are five areas in Saitama: Central, Eastern, Western, Northern and Chichibu. The Western area of Saitama has more cities and towns than the Central, Northern and Chichibu areas combined. The citiesRead More →

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LGBTQ+ friendly and discrimination free 800 year old Saimyouji, Kawagoe. (The temple is also known as Yokoyama Saimyouji or Saimyoji or Saimyo / Saimyou Temple.) LGBTQ+ A few months ago I accidentally caught a snippet of a TV report of a temple, Saimyouji, in Kawagoe performing same sex marriages. OnlyRead More →

Sweet potato

Kawagoe is famous for many things, not least its sweet potatoes. Even the city’s main mascot Tokimo is a mash (if you’ll pardon the pun!) of the sweet potato “imo” and the symbol of Kawagoe the bell tower “Toki”. Moreover, there is even a “Kawagoe Imo” which refers to sweetRead More →

Saitama Corona virus updates for September and October 2020 – Coronavirus updates for Saitama Prefecture from August 21st to the end of October. As the post is huge with more than 6000 words, I’ve started a new report here. Saitama Corona virus Updates Last update 11/01 at 18:24 – pleaseRead More →

Buckwheat at the Arakawa Roadside Station

Arakawa Roadside Station is a rest area in the Arakawa Hino area of Chichibu. The area is also known as the Hino Sightseeing Plantation Village. Attractions within and around the roadside station include fruit picking, nature museum, flowers, playground, restaurant, shopping, hot spring and steam locomotive! And in September theRead More →

Yamato water

Yamato natural spring water is one of Japan’s “top 100 water” as selected by the Ministry of the Environment. Some people call the water Fuppugawa water. The spring water is pumped from the source at the 100 Tatami Mat Rock on Mt Kamabuse (585 metres) to a more accessible locationRead More →

Totoro Instaspots in Saitama Prefecture Japan

Donguri Yama Totoro in Tokigawa is one of three Totoro Instaspot in Saitama. That is, places with characters from the Ghibli Movie My Neighbor Totoro. The one at Donguri Yama Totoro is just a quick stop for a photo opportunity with Totoro, if you happen to be in Tokigawa. ItRead More →

Saitama Covid-19 2020

Saitama Covid-19 updates for August 2020 will be added to this post as they become available. The previous Coronavirus post was starting to lag because it had close to 10,000 words. I was also encountering technical problems when trying to update it. So I have started a fresh post forRead More →

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Saitama Coronavirus updates for July. From November 1st here. August 21st ~ October 31st here. August here. June here. Last update Friday August 1st at 11:08. August Updates This file is so big it is starting to lag and encounter technical problems when I update it, so I have startedRead More →