Saitama State of Emergency 2021

The State of Emergency in Saitama will run until February 7th 2021. At first glance the State of Emergency seemed quite limited in its reach. However, as more information becomes available, it is in reality a type of soft lockdown. For one, several public facilities will actually close. Including dozensRead More →

coronavirus 2021

Daily Coronavirus updates sources of information for Saitama Prefecture in 2021 Saitama Coronavirus 2021 After 7 months of doing a daily report on the Covid-19 figures and coronavirus news for Saitama Prefecture, I regrettably have to give it up indefinitely. I am very sorry, particularly to those who’ve been followingRead More →

January in Japan

January in Japan Have you always wanted to visit Japan, but its a little on the pricey side for you? Or maybe you’ve been to Japan several times and seen the cherry blossoms, autumn leaves and summer festivals. What next? Without a moment’s hesitation, after 20 years living in Japan,Read More →

Starbucks Sayama with playground and cherry blossoms

In Spring 2021, the newest Starbucks in Saitama will open in Sayama City. It will be the first branch of the coffee chain to open in Sayama city. Moreover, it will be the very first Starbucks to open in a public park in Saitama Prefecture. Furthermore, it will have anRead More →

corona update coronavirus 2021

Saitama Coronavirus updates – Corona updates for Saitama Prefecture for December and November. Updates from January 1st 2021 here. Saitama Coronavirus Updates Last update 12/31 at 18:33 December 31st 330 cases 2 deaths Updates from January 1st 2021. A new record daily high – 330 new cases of Covid-19. TwoRead More →

Saitama Strawberry Picking

A selection of 12 Strawberry Picking farms in Western Saitama, for the 2021 strawberry picking season. Western Area There are five areas in Saitama: Central, Eastern, Western, Northern and Chichibu. The Western area of Saitama has more cities and towns than the Central, Northern and Chichibu areas combined. The citiesRead More →

Hina Matsuri Dolls Festival floral font at Saimyouji Temple in Kawagoe

LGBTQ+ friendly and discrimination free 800 year old Saimyouji, Kawagoe. Popular attractions at the temple include the anime and seasonally themed floral water fonts and events including temple illumination. LGBTQ+ A few months ago I accidentally caught a snippet of a TV report of a temple, Saimyouji, in Kawagoe performingRead More →

Sweet potato

Kawagoe is famous for many things, not least its sweet potatoes. Even the city’s main mascot Tokimo is a mash (if you’ll pardon the pun!) of the sweet potato “imo” and the symbol of Kawagoe the bell tower “Toki”. Moreover, there is even a “Kawagoe Imo” which refers to sweetRead More →

Saitama Corona virus updates for September and October 2020 – Coronavirus updates for Saitama Prefecture from August 21st to the end of October. As the post is huge with more than 6000 words, I’ve started a new report for November and December here. But updates from January 2021 are here.Read More →

Buckwheat at the Arakawa Roadside Station

Arakawa Roadside Station is a rest area in the Arakawa Hino area of Chichibu. The area is also known as the Hino Sightseeing Plantation Village. Attractions within and around the roadside station include fruit picking, nature museum, flowers, playground, restaurant, shopping, hot spring and steam locomotive! And in September theRead More →