Resona Koedo Terrace at the former bank

If you’ve ever been in Kawagoe warehouse district before, no doubt you’ll have noticed the large European looking building among all the old Edo buildings. If you’ve been in the last year, you may have been curious as to why it was behind hoarding. Well, it is because the buildingRead More →

Koinobori carp streamers Midori no Mura RV Park for festival

For years, Midori no Mura had a regular horse interaction / riding event monthly. And then, you-know-what happened. We actually went to Midori no Mura several times during the pandemic. Despite how lovely the park is, its rare for it to be busy because of its remote location. It wasRead More →

Unicus Kawagoe site of the Kawagoe Industry Festival

Unicus Kawagoe host several Kawagoe Farmer’s Market throughout the year, but they also host various different festivals and markets too. In this post: general information for the farmer’s market as well as information for upcoming events in spring 2024. Kawagoe Meat Festival The Kawagoe Meat Festival is on Sunday MayRead More →

Sayama Berryland

Blueberry and Strawberry Picking at Sayama Berryland – not at the same time! June is blueberry season in Japan. Winter and Spring is strawberry picking season. Sayama Berryland is one of the largest berry picking farms in the Kanto Region (aka Greater Tokyo area). Sayama Berryland is quite well knownRead More →