Saitama Coronavirus updates – Unfortunately the previous Covid-19 update post has started to lag already. The post is too big: 3 pages of updates from August 1st to August 20th. I tried to add the August 21st information, but the post keeps bottoming out. I will add updates from AugustRead More →

Arakawa Roadside Station Chichibu

Arakawa Roadside Station is a rest area in the Arakawa Hino area of Chichibu. The area is also known as the Hino Sightseeing Plantation Village. Attractions within and around the roadside station include fruit picking, nature museum, flowers, playground, restaurant, shopping, hot spring and steam locomotive! Arakawa Roadside Station TheRead More →

Yamato water

Yamato natural spring water is one of Japan’s “top 100 water” as selected by the Ministry of the Environment. Some people call the water Fuppugawa water. The spring water is pumped from the source at the 100 Tatami Mat Rock on Mt Kamabuse (585 metres) to a more accessible locationRead More →

Totoro Instaspots in Saitama Prefecture Japan

Donguri Yama Totoro in Tokigawa is one of three Totoro Instaspot in Saitama. That is, places with characters from the Ghibli Movie My Neighbor Totoro. The one at Donguri Yama Totoro is just a quick stop for a photo opportunity with Totoro, if you happen to be in Tokigawa. ItRead More →

Saitama Covid-19 2020

Saitama Covid-19 updates for August 2020 will be added to this post as they become available. The previous Coronavirus post was starting to lag because it had close to 10,000 words. I was also encountering technical problems when trying to update it. So I have started a fresh post forRead More →

coronavirus saitama

Saitama Coronavirus updates for July. August 21st ~ Here August here. June here. Last update Friday August 1st at 11:08. August Updates This file is so big it is starting to lag and encounter technical problems when I update it, so I have started a brand new post for AugustRead More →

Coronavirus outbreak updates for Saitama reopening locations

Saitama Prefecture is still under a state of emergency. At this point in time, the state of emergency is set to run until May 31st. Rumors abound that Prime Minister will lift the State of Emergency early. Whether he does or not remains to be seen, but even without anRead More →

Golden week 2020 kodomo no hi koinobori

Kodomo no Hi – Children’s day Japan, also known as Boy’s Day, is a national holiday that is celebrated annually on May 5th. It is the last of four public holidays that comprise Golden Week. There are two symbols of Kodomo no Hi: the “Kabuto” samurai helmet and “Koinobori” flyingRead More →

Virtual tours nemophila chiba Japan

Do you like to plan outings in advance? Had you plans for this month (April) that came to a sudden halt with the onset of Coronavirus? Maybe you were supposed to be travelling overseas? Or domestically? Was there a concert you were supposed to go to or a get togetherRead More →

Cherry blossoms Sakitama

Cherry blossoms Sakitama – One of Saitama’s famous cherry blossom viewing spots is the Sakitama Tomb Park in Gyoda City. Sakitama Kofun Park Sakitama Kofun Park is a medium sized park designed around the ancient burial mounds unearthed at the site. Kofun is the Japanese for burial mound. There areRead More →