Eigenji Daruma Market, daruma stall with yellow Darumashi flags

This post is mainly about the annual Daruma Market, but you will also find information for the temple’s main ‘hanamatsuri’ festival, on May 5th annually, in the paragraph before “information”. Original post If you missed the Daruma Market in Kawagoe, here is another chance to buy a Daruma for thisRead More →

The rainbow towns mascots in the car park of Cainz Super Mall Kawajima Interchange

Information for the Cainz Super Mall, Kawajima Interchange, and its annual Rainbow Festival. The Rainbow Festival is a small local type mascot event, with the mascots from each of the Rainbow Cities of Saitama Prefecture. The Rainbow Cities are Kawajima, Kawagoe, Moroyama, Ogose, Sakado and Tsurugashima. More information about theRead More →

red spider lilies and cosmos shingashi river

In advance of the red spider lily (aka lycoris radiata, cluster amarilla, equinox flower, higanbana etc) season, a photo Friday post of red spider lilies along the Shingashi River. The spider lilies don’t bloom until September. All these photos are from between 2006 and 2022. Spider lilies Shingashi River TheRead More →

John Deere tractor at park in Hatoyama Town, HIki District, Saitama prefecture

The John Deere Park is a work in progress, but it has huge potential. It is a “Satoyama” flower park in rural Hatoyama. A place unscathed by telephone or electrical wires, which is rare even in the Hiki District which is largely countryside. Initially, the ‘real’ name of the parkRead More →

Lalaport Fujimi

Lalaport Fujimi is a large shopping center / mall with 293 shops including eateries, clothes shops, department stores, household stores, supermarket, niche &/or specialty shops and entertainment facilities. Entertainment facilities at Lalaport include such things as play areas and the Toho cinema. There are also two small playgrounds, a waterRead More →