Corn and blueberry picking at Masaki farm Sakado

Corn picking and blueberry picking at Masaki Farm; with a view of thousands of dragons! On a recent visit to Yorii town I picked up a free Tobu-Tojo line magazine at a ‘village station’. A village station is like a roadside station, but located in a rural area rather thanRead More →

Kawagoe Aqua Park Kawagoe Aquatic Park Saitama Pools summer pools

Kawagoe Aquatic / Aqua Park aka Kawagoe Suijo Kouen, or Kawagoe Water Park, is one of the bigger and most popular summer pools in Saitama. In 2022, Walker listed it as the 5th most popular aqua park in all of Japan. In addition, now that several pools have closed permanently,Read More →

Wild firefly viewing Japan

Tips for wild firefly viewing and a convenient location for an evening of fireflies in Saitama Prefecture. Wild Firefly Viewing There are two main ways to view fireflies in Japan. One, is to go to a firefly house, of which there are a dime a dozen in Japan. During theRead More →

Hanasaki summer pools

The Hanasaki Summer Pools, aka water or aqua park, are as family and child friendly as the park they are in: Kazo Hanasaki Park. Hanasaki Aqua park is one of the three remaining prefectural pools. Unfortunately, the main Saitama Prefectural Pool in Ageo closed permanently in 2021. The pools inRead More →

Chichibu Kegon Falls light up

The Chichibu Kegon Falls is a popular spot with professional and amateur photographers, particularly in Autumn. This is because the waterfall is framed by maple leaves. Around mid November the leaves change to tones of orange and red. The waterfall is also a popular destination for “new green” in summer.Read More →

Water lilies at Iwatsuki Castle Park

According to the Saitama City Tourism Facebook page, the water lilies at Iwatsuki Castle Park are already blooming. The striking red bridge, “Yatsu” bridge, that the park is famed for, creates a beautiful backdrop to the flowers. This park is also known for its cherry blossoms and cherry blossom festivalRead More →